Putin Orders Large Scale Covid-19 Vaccination

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On Wednesday President Vladimir Putin ordered a COVID-19 vaccination program of “large scale” to start by the end of the following week with doctors and teachers in line to obtain the first vaccine in Russia designed, which still requires advanced studies in compliance with established scientific guidelines to ensure its efficacy and safety.

Putin’s intervention came hours after the United Kingdom became the first Western nation to authorize the use of the US drug manufacturer Pfizer and Germany’s BioNTech coronavirus vaccine.

Russia announced that it was the first registered vaccine COVID-19″ of Russia in the world after the government approved it in early August, its domestically produced vaccine Sputnik V. However, taking the shots, the analysts were highly skeptical since just a few hundred people checked the Sputnik V.

At the time, the Russian leader said that one of his daughters was the early vaccine beneficiary.

Putin said on Wednesday that over 2 million doses ‘in the coming days, or will be of Sputnik V jab.’

“This provides us with a chance to begin vaccinations, but not on a mass but broad-scale and of course, as we agreed, of the two risk groups first – doctors and teachers,” said Putin. He asked VP Tatyana Golikova “to arrange the work in such a way that large-scale vaccination begins in late next week.”

The government decided to include other demographic groups in the vaccine camp, said Golkova, the shots would be optional and free of charge.

The two-shot Sputnik V vaccine is developed by Gamaleya Institute in Moscow. Two weeks after the approval of the vaccine, state-of-the-art analysis of forty thousand volunteers has been announced.

However, prompting professional warnings about its broader application before the requisite experiments are carried out this vaccination is still given to those in high-risk categories, such as medical professionals. Several senior officials have said that they have got jabs.

Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko said on Wednesday that over 100 000 civilians were shot in Russia.

Oxford University preparing vaccine whose trial of phase 2 will be carried out in Pune

Kirill Dmitriyev, the Russian Direct Investment Facility’s head in bankrolling the production of Sputnik V said that some 25 000 people were vaccinated with both doses ‘as part of a clinical trial now.’ Dmitriyev said that outside the trial the vaccine has been given to ‘volunteers.’

Vaccine makers said the interim study found that 91.4 percent of the vaccine was successful last month. It was concluded that 39 infections among the 18,794 research participants got either a vaccine or placebo doses which is a slightly decreased number of infections when testing the potency of their vaccinations relative to Western medications.

Dmitriyev said on Wednesday that the vaccine manufacturer asked for the approval of Sputnik V in Europe and submitted applications in other countries at the European Medicines Agency.

“We understand that it may take some time, but at the same time you know, we have requested approval in 40 countries, and in all these countries we work extremely closely with regulators,” Dmitryev said.

Last month, Dmitriyev said that the vaccine will deliver more than one trillion doses outside Russia next year. Yet Putin’s spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, clarified on Wednesday that the absolute priority of vaccinating Russians is to be.”

The rapid re-emergent epidemic this fall has swept Russia, with a number of COVID-19 infections and deaths that have confirmed their numbers on a daily basis and considerably higher than those recorded in the spring.

The government task force registered a total of 41,053 deaths attributed to viruses since the start of the epidemic. Russian officials have reported a record high daily death toll on 589 coronaviruses.

Russians have confirmed more than 2.3 million cases, the fourth highest in the world, with 25.345 new cases registered on Wednesday.


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