Overlord Season 4: Will it be renewed?

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Overlord is really interesting in a well-done game anime. Why isn’t there a sequel so far, so will we ever get Overlord Season 4?

Without season four, we can never discover if Ainz will conquer the land of Yggdrasil or whether anyone is tough enough to stop him.

The best way to figure out that the light novels will be read without a series, but after three years most people predict the fifth season.

The concern is that the official announcement of Overlord 4 in 2020 has not taken place, and we don’t know how likely the Green Light of another Overlord season will be.

Much original anime series are available, but the majority of series only use existing sources in 2020. Either anime, light novels, or even are normally there.
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The source stuff is the light novel for Overlord.

The main question to review is how many light novels the series has been written and if the stories are coming to a close shortly. If the plot ends, the chances for continuity will be impaired.

Or maybe Overlord’s plot is in the middle like The Elite’s Classroom. Present stories are more likely to get orange, so that the elite season 2 classroom is better able to be revealed, for example.

The second thing is how many light novels have been used to anime Overlord’s first three seasons. Maybe a sequel like No Game No Life Season 2 won’t have any source material for a while.

Overlord season 4 updates
Overlord Season 4 news updates

For Overlord Season 4 to not get greenlit, there’s no excuse. There are profits, visibility, and even sources. If Overlord would not announce another season next year or 2022, it will be a huge disappointment for us.

Don’t anticipate it will be published in 2020. At the present state of the universe, this is sort of unlikely. I’d say the release date for Overlord Season 4 would be 2021 or will get moved into 2022 in the worst case.

I read a few stories that some convention will say that Overlord Season 4 was occurring. Nevertheless, I’d wait for an official statement.

Next year we will see how anything improves again This post is to be revised. In the meantime, if you are wondering that any other series will be continued you should search the anime continuation category.

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