Dadri Independent MLA, Sombir Sangwan withdraws support for the Haryana govt in the wake of the farmers’ protest

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Dadri Independent MLA on Tuesday, in light of farmers’ unrest, Sombir Sangwan withdrawn support from the BJP-JJP Government in Haryana.

Sangwan resigned on Monday as President of the board of production for Haryana livestock.

Sangwan said in a statement the farmers who are on an agitating path to their demands are being unleashed with atrocities.

“I cannot remain associated with the government in the present circumstances and thus has decided to part with the state government,” said Sangwan.

He was one of seven independent MLAs who won last year’s Haryana parliamentary elections. The independent MLA supported BJP’s minority administration.

Though Ranjit Singh Chautala, one of the independent, became Cabinet Minister, four other independent MLAs were appointed chairs to various Boards and companies, including Sombir Sangwan.

The JJP, headed by the Dushyant Chautala, with ten members, is also a member of the government in the Haryana Assembly.

Jogiram Sihag of the JJP MLA of the Barwala electoral district also refused last month the government’s offer to preside over the protest of farmers.

Sombir Sangwan had previously endorsed the Center’s agricultural ordinances and had had his opinions shared at the State Assembly. But he maintained he revised his decision to stay affiliated with the administration, considering the farmers’ anger at the Farm Actions, and agreed to accompany the farmers.

A meeting of all the Khap panchayats in Rohtak took place two days ago, which also is pradhan of Sangwan that, and agreed to organize people and money to begin the farmers’ unrest. The meeting took place.

On Tuesday, Sangwan met in the city of Dadri. The crops and agricultural association delegation is also today going to Delhi in the districts of Hisar Bhiwani Jind.

Farmers protest against the Law on Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation), 2020, The Agreement on Price Guarantee and Farm Services Act (Empowerment and Protection), and the Law on Critical Goods (amendment) of 2020.

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