On My Block Season 3 Ending Explained

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Netflix’s On My Block has been on wild cliffhangers ever since the end. In Season 1, Ruby was unconscious and threatened by a shot in the gun. After discovering and laundering the RollerWorld gold, all four of our heroes were abducted in Season 2.

The end of season three leaves us with certain doubts, but it sounds like a resolution for the first time, not a cliffhanger. It feels like it could be time to let this show go for the first time.

Firstly, a brief recap: Season 3, Episode 8 begins with an Oscar, which is not credible for a second but is in order with the Monse, Ruby, Jamal, and Cesar, who are trekking into the forest to lie low. Oscar’s body.

It doesn’t take too long to become the counterpart on My Block of the Girl “Beach House,” this morbid wildlife adventure when the party turns on each other and shares concerns that have been made for days and weeks, if not years. Jamal and Ruby blame Cesar for getting Cuchillos into their lives and intimidating his mates with the Santos. For his expert tragedy, Ruby and Monse all chide Jamal and for his first time replied the one-sided, “Shut up, Jamal! “Stock up on me for shut-up with a loud “STOP Saying! ”

And after he had bluntly recalled that Ruby was shot in the chest shortly before they all saw Olivia dead, all this returns to Ceasar and his remorse. In the face of this anecdote, Cesar may somehow persist; it may be poor writing or behavior, or path — or it can indicate that maybe this group is broken outside repair.

It isn’t Oscar whose body lies in the jungle, of course, but Cuchillos herself, killed before Cesar could get to her to do something that he can’t get back. Oscar’s alive with Abuelita tending his wounds albeit a bit beat-up. The team will not locate it until later, so they will return a new party from the jungle. They faced what looked like some death at the hands of Cuchillos and although they seem unaffected, the fact they are able to survive by themselves cannot be shaken.

This has an individual influence on everyone. Jamal and Ruby can hardly stand with everybody else in a room. As Ruby separates, he stops at the memorial of Olivia, knowing what to do. He looks directly at his feelings for Jasmine, and apologetics for lying and leaving free from the tangled strings of Santos and Prophets and RollerWorld and Lil’ Ricky.

Jamal, not burdened by his position as a group leader on adventure and science, struck Kendra with regret, although he concentrated on his quest, his decision to give up her. Kendra is as strange and forgiving as ever, unaffected by contemporary dating restrictions and anxieties as her receipt of Jamal in her life, or her resume.

Monse and Cesar had a pressing and pulling in their partnership over the whole season. They add drama and devastation to each other’s lives, but while they are together they cannot neglect chemistry and history (high school, amirite?). No matter how much Jasmine or anyone else advises, they are pushed out, partially because they don’t know anything else. In episode 7, as Cesar tells Monse intimately, “Tu eres mi vida,” he sounds more performative than sincere. She and Ruby, Jamal, and Santos are his life, but maybe every single one wants a slightly different life.

As he drives Monse eventually to get down, Cesar says, “We have been burnt in our own DNA. Wherever your heart beats, I beat it That’s true of the people who were with us during our creation, and all of us. Wherever your heart beats, mine beats. We may not have been friends for long as Jasmine and Ruby predicted, but even as we break and get into the world, we are part of one another.

Goodbye to Monse is a classic that remembers so many scenes over the years. The friends embrace and linger, returning a few minutes to their ancient dynamic, except now it’s forced rather than normal. They are all — including Monse — singing, giving the impression of their friendships with Cuchillos in the jungle.

And then it’s time for the forward flash that shows us all. The squad of Monse Freeridge will be two years in the future and will be back on her head with photographs of her loved ones on the back of her dressing room. Jamal is back on the squad but appears economically prosperous. Jasmine and Ruby remain heavy, but this doesn’t stop Jamal from swapping their primed, boring look at school with Jamal, which nobody seems to notice in the vicinity. Oscar is now out of the game and enjoys the tranquility and family that he’s never had and unfortunately, Cesar is now stuck in the Santos universe as a rugged gang boss who shoots and punches, apparently to make his heart tattooed on his chest happily.

I figured this had to be the end before the Caesar scene. It’s definitely bittersweet, but it’s true to reality. Also, the excruciating Caesar arc represents the lives of those who are unable to avoid the loops of abuse and tragedy when they are born into a miscarriage or district. At least a fourth season would offer On My Block a chance to rescue him, but that means sucking Jamal, Ruby, and Monse into the orbit of Santos and into risk. After Olivia’s disastrous quinceañera, the odds of any character coming to a happier end were slim to no one. Some of them have sought a happier life for now at least. This is an end as good as anyone else.

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