Normal People Season 2: Plot , Release Date and The Cast !

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Normal People Season 2 is not only public’s demand but actors’ wish also. Normal People is an Irish romantic drama based on ‘Normal People’ by Salley Rooney. It airs on BBC Studios and Hulu. Normal People is a talk of the town due to its emotional and heartwarming portrayal of young love. It takes us along the story of Marianne and Connell, schoolmates, and college mates. It shows us the complexity of their relationship and their connection with their families. How they uncover their identity is a stark feature!
Normal people season 2
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Season 1 ended with Connell and Marianne finally getting back together after many trials and turns. Connell gets an MFA study offer in New York. This leaves them to contemplate the future of their relationship.
If you have read the book by Sally Rooney, you know there is no second part to it. The executive producer Ed Guiney also revealed that they do not have any plans for the second season, at present. They might think of one in the future. He mentioned that he would love to see the ten-year extension of the characters to see how Marianne and Connell are doing in a decade. So, we can conclude that neither a script nor any production is ready. They haven’t even thought about it, which makes a second season highly unlikely to go onboard anytime soon.

What will be the plot of Normal People Season 2?

The twelve episodes of Season 1 made us dwell deep into the chemistry and heart-warming propensity. Sally Rooney’s writing style is spell-binding, assertive, tender, and devastating. So, as far as a new season is concerned, we can rely on Sally to give us another book and then get it adapted into a new season. Season 1 was open-ended. Hence, we can make as many conjectures as we want. Season 2 can show how Connell’s and Marianne’s relationship works, what they become in their lives, and how Marianne deals with her mother.

The Cast of Normal People Season 2

Normal people season 2 cast
Director Lenny Abrahamson told Deadline that if stars align, he would love to re-cast Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal and see what relationship they are a part of. Daisy told the Daily Mail: “I quite like that I don’t know where they are and that we don’t have to say goodbye to them.” This shows that she is down for reprisal of the role if the need arises. Mescal told Radio Times, “I put my hand up and say I’d play Connell until the cows come home.”
Both Abrahamson and Guiney are currently busy adapting Rooney’s “Conversations with Friends”. So, it all comes down to Rooney’s imagination and what she does with Connell and Marianne. Once she’s done, the same cast can be seen in Normal People Season 2.

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