This year, democracy has been tested and people are ready: Biden

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The US elected President Joe Biden has said that democracy was challenged when coronavirus struck this year and the country’s people demonstrated their ability to vote in record numbers in presidential elections despite the pandemic.

He said the country was battling the coronavirus and called for attempts to battle it to be improved.

In the middle of a pandemic, more people have voted this year than have ever ever had in the history of America,’ Biden said in his Grateful address from Wilmington in Delaware about Wednesday: “Let us be thankful for democracy itself In this election year we have seen record numbers of Americans exercise their most sacred right that of the vote to register their will at the ballot box. Think about that In the middle of a pandemic, more people voted this year than have ever voted in the history of America, “When it is an election year we have seen record numbers of Americanos exercise their sacred right that to vote to register their will in the ballots.

There have been more than 150 million voters. It’s just incredible, he said.

“The freedom to decide our lives, our governance, our representatives, our right to be understood. This is a test of our democracy. Because what we found is that the citizens of that nation are on the job,” said Biden. “What is the problem? “The people of the world are up and down. “The right to be seen.

The citizens of this country and land rules will be no different than something else. Through the vote, the noblest instrument of non-violent resistance ever invented, we are once again reminded that progress is possible, “In America, we have full and fair and free elections, and then we honor the results. The people of this nation and the laws of the land won’t stand for anything else. Through the vote the noblest instrument of non-violent protest ever conceived we are reminded anew that progress is possible, “We have a full and fair referendum and are proud to obtain the results.

“The ‘We the people’ has the power to transform the course of human events, as Jefferson called it.

“That with our hearts and hands and voices, today can be better than yesterday, and tomorrow can be better still. We should be thankful, too that America is a covenant and an unfolding story,” he said. ‘Therefore it can be better today than yesterday, and tomorrow will be much better.

The President-elect demanded that the nation be united.

And that, my friends, is something I’m determined to do. Americans are thinking big and as daunting as it can be, we will dream big again, thanksgiving. ‘You want to put us together democrats and republicans and independents and work together,’ he added.

Biden said Americans battled with this virus in this nation almost a year-long war, adding that the world was facing a long and painful winter.

“It gave us suffering, loss, and anger and it cost us so many lives – 260,000 people in the Americas, 260,000 countings. It separated us, irks us, and turned us against one another.

“There we have to realize that we are at war with a plague, not with one another. Now is the time where we have to steel our spines, reinvigorate our efforts, and start the battle.

“For so many of us, it’s hard to hear that this fight isn’t over, that we still have months of this battle ahead of us. And for those who have lost loved ones, I know this time of year is especially difficult,” he said.

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