China is slamming Pope Francis over an e-book statement on the Uighur minority

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A passage in the Pontiff’s latest e-book on Uighur’s plight “has absolutely no factual basis,” says Chinese Overseas Ministry. In his latest e-book, China blamed Pope Francis for discussing the struggle of China’s Uighur Muslim minority community and claiming that “his comments are not based on facts, anyway.”
The Chinese-speaker of the CChina is slamming Pope Francis over an e-book statement on the Uighur minority Chinese Overseas Ministry Zhao Lijian claimed at a day-to-day information briefing in Beijing that the citizens of all ethnic teams benefit from the full rights of survival, development, and independence of non-secular interpretation.

Zhao made no note of the camps that are estimated to be housing more than one million Uighurs and members of numerous Muslim minority Chinese-speaking teams.

America and various governments are to detach Muslims from their moral and cultural roots, along with the human rights teams, pressuring them to declare allegiance to the communist occasion in force in China and its leader Ji Jinping.

After rejecting the presence of facilities at first, China claims they are centers that must have work instructors to avoid “terrorism” and moral “extremism” – on a voluntary basis.

Francis mentioned “poor Uigurs” as an instance of teams persecuted for faith in his latest e-book Let Us Dream, scheduled on the 1st of December.

Francis wrote of the importance of “seeing the world in places of sin and distress, exclusion, struggle, sickness and solitude,” from the peripheries and edges of society.

‘Persecuted peoples’

“I generally feel like an oppressed people: a Rohingya, weak Uighur, a Yazidi, or Christians in Egypt and Pakistan who have been slain by rockets, while praying in church,” Francis writes in his e-book. “It is really the same thing that ISIS (ISIL) does to them.

Nevertheless, Francis refused much to the dismay of the Trump administration and human rights teams because of the suppression of spiritual minorities along with Catholics.

The final month of the Vatican resumed its contentious session with Beijing on the candidacy of Catholic Bishops. Francis was careful not to say or do anything about the issue against the Chinese linguistic authority.

China and the Vatican did not have official ties, for the Communist Occasion diminished contacts and rapidly imprisoned Catholic clerics in 1949 after gaining power.

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