Logitech G Unveils Its PRO X SUPERLIGHT: Lightest Wireless Esports Gaming Mouse Yet

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Some people like their mouse to be powerful when it comes to gaming mice because they believe a bigger mouse allows them better power and accuracy. Others want a lighter version so it can be easy to transport them and it’s “faster” so people can travel more easily. This is completely personal so if you search for a new game mouse and one of the key requirements is to get the lightness, you might want to check the Logitech G PRO X Superlight. This is your personal choice. This is a Logitech G PRO-based mouse, except that Logitech has made several improvements to its specification to make the mouse the new wireless mouse.

“The latest PRO X SUPERLIGHT was designed to eliminate any barriers to winning by becoming the lightest, quickest PRO wireless mouse Logitech G’s ever,” says Logitech. “To satisfy the necessity of professional gaming. The new PRO X SUPERLIGHT, carefully engineered and designed to minimize weight while improving performance, is below 63 grams and almost 25% lighter than PRO Wireless normal.”

Given its light-weight existence, it will still pack some of the high-end features required from such a system such as a G HERO 25K sensor from Logitech, a 2.4 GHz LIGHTSPEED Wireless Networking, and will give gamers up to seventy battery-life hours per charge, according to the manufacturer. If you are keen to choose one, it will be available on the website of Logitech on December 3rd, at a price of $150.

The PRO X SUPERLIGHT comes with Logitech G’s HERO 25K sensor with 25,600 DPI, the first mouse-level sub-micron sensor in the industry which can track movement accurately at a sub-micron level, about 1/50th of human hair’s thickness, without impacting its accuracy. The sensor does this without smoothing or falsifying movement or parasites.

The HERO 25K sensor uses a clever power management system to change frame rates to reduce energy usage depending on the mouse’s movement. In comparison to the previous Logitech-G-sensors, HERO has 10X more performance even at high DPI.

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