The Rajya Sabha Panel States That Many Covid-19 Related Deaths Could Have Been Averted With “Sustainable Pricing Models”

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Covid-19 since its outburst has taken down too many people in India. With a country of around 1.3 billion people, it was obvious that the virus will spread like wildfire and this is what happened. Now, people are wondering if there were chances of many lives being saves and the answer is yes, according to the Rajya Sabha Panel. The Panel states that in a country with such a big population, the budget that was allotted to the public healthcare system was too low and that it should be increased. The Panel hence asked the Centre to increase its budget set for the healthcare department.

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More Information On Rajya Sabha Panel And It Statement :

The Rajya Sabha Panel has given quite a good and impactful remark on the policies of the Central Government. The Panel states that as there were many professionals who charged “exorbitant fees” in order to give private treatments to the patients of the Covid-19. This was unjust and happened because of the inability of the Central Government to bring about the implementation of a stable guideline system. In the absence of specific guidelines, a parliamentary panel led by Samajwadi Party’s Rajya Sabha MP, Ram Gopal Yadav reported that if there was a “suitable pricing model” presented by the Government, many deaths could have been averted.

Mr. Yadav had submitted a report which is titled, “Outbreak of Pandemic Covid-19 and its Management”, to Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu. In the report, he has openly criticized and downsized the Centre’s handling of the Covid-19 situation and is, therefore, quite relevant.

“…Cost of health service delivery increased due to absence of specific guidelines for Covid treatment in private hospitals as a result of which patients were charged exorbitant fees,” said the Rajya Sabha Panel as reported and quoted by PTI. The is issue is now gaining traction and has influenced the members of the Rajya Sabha too.

“…the committee recommends the ministry to collaborate with Serum Institute of India and other vaccine manufacturers so that vaccines are easily available at an affordable rate to the general public. The committee calls upon the ministry to subsidize the vaccine cost for the weaker section of the country and especially in rural areas or the urban slum areas. The ministry should be cautious in its efforts to check instances of black-marketing and shortage of vaccines”. This is what the Panel submitted as the most viable solution for the situation.

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