Twitter to hand @POTUS account to Joe Biden on inauguration day

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Twitter said in a statement on Friday that President-elect Joe Biden will be handed over the official @POTUS account when he’s sworn in on Inauguration Day.

Twitter is actively preparing to support the transition of White House institutional Twitter accounts on 20th January 2021, a Twitter’s spokesperson said in a statement according to The Verge. As we did for the presidential transition in 2017, this process is being done in close consultation with the National Achieve and Records Administration.

The social media company plans to do the same for other handles on the platform too that are linked to the presidency including @FLOTUS, @VP, and @whitehouse accounts. No information will be shared between the Trump team and the including Biden administration during the handover, the company said.

Twitter to hand @POTUS account to Joe Biden on inauguration day
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Trump’s existing tweets and @POTUS will be archived and the company will reset the account to zero tweets. This procedure was the same in 2016 when President Barack Obama handed over the account to Trump. Even if Trump doesn’t concede, the transition will happen, which he still hasn’t officially done after losing the presidential election to Biden on 7th November.

In the last four years, Trump has largely been using his personal account @realDonaldTrump for most tweeting. As private citizen, he will be able to keep control of that account after the inauguration day.

However, his personal account on the platform; could be much more highly regulated, and he could even face suspension or removal, according to Twitter’s policies. This is because his tweets would no longer fall; under Twitter’s world leader exemptions, meaning they may be deemed to be outside the; company’s terms of public interest. In the last few weeks, the company has been issuing misleading; and disputed labels on several of Trump’s tweets about the election being stolen.

There is absolutely no evidence to support Trump’s unfounded claims that Democrats rigged the election against him. On Tuesday, the company added a new label that reads Official sources called this election differently; after Trump falsely claimed he won the presidential election.

Between Monday and Friday, the label has been applied to five of the President’s tweets.


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