1,300-Old Hindu Temple Found in Northwest Pakistan

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A Hindu temple was built 1,300 years ago in a mountain in Swat district in northwest Pakistan by Pakistanis and Italian archaeologists. The discovery took place at Barikot Ghundai during an excavation. Fazle Khaliq of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa archaeological department announced a discovery on Thursday that God Vishnu’s temple was discovered. During the Hindu Shahi era, it was built by the Hindus 1,300 years ago.

Kabul Shahis (850¿1026 CE) and the Hindu Shahis were the Hindu rulers of the valley of Kabul (Eastern Afghanistan), the Gandhara (now Pakistan), and northwest India today. The archaeologists noticed also traces of the cantonment and observation towers near the site during their excavation. The experts also noticed a water tank in the area of the temple, which Hindus assumed they used before adoration to bathe. Khaliq claimed that Swat is home to thousands of years old archaeological sites and that signs of the Hindu Shahi era were first discovered in the region.

This is the first temple of the civilization Ghandhara found in the Swat area, Dr. Lucha, head of the Italian archaeological mission said. The district of Swat is among Pakistan’s top 20 tourist destinations, with all kinds of attractions like wildlife, religious tourism, traditional tourism, and archaeological sites. In Swat district, there are also many places of Buddhism worship.

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