France Refuses To Pakistan Request To Upgrade Mirage Fighter Jets, Submarines: Signals Security Concerns To India

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Presently, in a retaliatory move, France has supposedly ruled against overhauling the Mirage III and Mirage 5 fighter jets of the Pakistan Air Force. There was been no official assertion starting from France as of now. A diplomat in Paris has told the reporters of various new channels that Pakistan’s solicitation to upgrade fighter jets has been rejected. As per the HT report, a comparable request for redesigning the French-Italian air defense framework has also been declined.

France refuses to upgrade Pakistan's Mirage fighters, Agosta submarines

Pakistan had requested to redesign and upgrade its Agosta 90B class submarines with air-independent propulsion (AIP) systems that would provide them the freedom to stay inside the water for more time, but the representative said it has also been dismissed by France.

What was the request of Pakistan?

Pakistan Air Force has around 150 Mirage fighter jets fabricated by the French firm Dassault Aviation and its naval force has three Agosta 90B submarines: Khalid, Saad, and Hamza. France’s choice to not upgrade the fighter jets and submarines will hit the Pakistan defense forces hard and the public authority harder, which planned to agree to the requests of boycotting French products. Will Pakistan presently blacklist and boycott French products?

Dreading the break of technical data, France has told Qatar, one of the nations that purchased the Rafale contenders, not to permit Pakistan-origin professionals to work with the plane as Rafale jets have been conveyed in the front-line by India in the midst of rising strains with both China and Pakistan. France has lent persistent help to India in the midst of the border disputes.

Sources disclosed to HT that France’s choice has come in light of Imran Khan’s noisy criticism of Macron’s defense of the option to taunt religion following the murder of a French teacher. Khan, alongside the heads of other Muslim nations, had settled on decisions for uniting against what they call the developing Islamophobia in the non-Muslim nations. The nation had seen an uproar against France, where far-right religious political party Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) challenged Macron and strongly demanded the ejection of the French minister and a boycott of French products.

The party lifted the dissent after the public authority agreed to the requests, but, the much of these will be executed is yet to be seen. Following the decapitation of an instructor by an 18-year-old for showing the cartoon of Prophet Mohammad to students, France had seen more similar events, bringing about Macron calling to battle the “Islamists”.

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