Congress Leader, Akhilesh Prasad Singh Opens Up On Bihar Mistake

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According to Akhilesh Prasad Singh, he had requested an appointment with Rahul Gandhi to discuss the way forward.

The big error of Congress in Bihar was to decide one of the wrong seats to run. In the middle of a bitter back and forth on the electoral loss, a leading official was jointly responsible for getting awareness drives in the state.

Akhilesh Prasad Singh, proudly responsible for the defeat at Bihar, admitted that he had attempted to reach an appointment with Rahul Gandhi to discuss how forward.

“The collection by Congress was erroneous. Before the vote, there may have been more in-depth research but the group eventually moved fast,” proposed Singh to NDTV.

“I recognize the Bihar election defeat obligation. I asked Rahul Gandhi to meet. I will say to him that the shortcomings of the organization need to be discussed and made more pronounced,” he recognized.

He understood that Congress needed major improvements around the band to win every election. The Congress leader recognized that there are weaknesses in the party particularly in the blocks and districts.”

This is the most recent study of the public controversy over the Bihar fiasco during Congress.

The first thing to do is to rekindle a reputation for systemic reforms to arrest the Congress, Kapil Sibal in an interview with Indian Express, jointly calling for ‘experienced brains, experienced hands, and political realities’ to reform.

The findings from Bihar and by-poll indicated that Congress either did not have an internal influence on the underside or had been significantly weakening. Another former Union Minister, P Chidambaram.

In comparison, Mr. Chidambaram had found out that the seats were incorrect. “More seats than its operational power I believe contested by the Congress. Congress gained twenty-five seats for 20 years of which the BJP and its allies won. Congress should not have questioned these positions. Just 45 candidates (not 70) should have been nominated in the party,” Dainik Bhaskar had proposed.

According to Akhilesh Prasad Singh, he admitted: “I respect Kapil Sibal. He’s an accomplished politician. But such an interpretation of loss following the outcome is not right.”

After its weak count in Bihar, Congress faces attacks by allies and humiliating post-mortems, the opposition falling in need of victory just a few seats. Moreover in big by-elections, in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and UP, it was not possible to do this together.

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