Trump Moves Primary Residence From New York to Florida, Says He’s Been Treated Unfairly by Politicians

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U. S. President Donald Trump has said that he is making Florida his primary residence and critics are saying the move is related to tax.

In a tweet posted on Thursday night by the president, he said he and his family will be moving to his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. In 1983, Trump moved into his penthouse apartment on 721 Fifth Avenue in New York and has lived there since then. Although he launched his presidential campaign at his Fifth Avenue residence, Trump seems to have spent more time in his Palm Beach home than he has in his New York apartment since he became president.

In his tweet, the president said that he cherishes New York and the people of New York and he always will. “But I have been treated very unfairly by the political leaders of both the city and the state despite the fact that I pay millions of dollars on local, city and state taxes yearly,” he said. Trump assured the people that he will always be there to render help to New York and the people of New York. The state he said will always have a special place in his heart.

The president and his wife Melania filed to change their primary residence in late September. While Mr. Trump did not disclose the reason for the move, critics are saying that Trump is moving to avoid paying taxes in New York. The president will have to spend about 180 days in Florida to avoid paying taxes in New York. Since Trump has refused to declare his tax documents, it is not clear how much he will save as he makes Florida his primary residence. Trump is not the first wealthy American to seek refuge in Florida as the state does not have an income tax or estate tax.

Keith Boykin, the former aide to President Bill Clinton confirmed on Twitter that the move to Florida could save the President a lot of money but people can’t tell how much as Trump will not release his tax returns.

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