Need to hold countries responsible for supporting terrorists guilty: Modi at BRICS

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated on Tuesday that terrorism is the “biggest challenge faces the world,” that it is important to ensure that the financing and help of countries terrorists in their oblique relations with Pakistan is held to be guilty. Modi talked about a new counterterrorism strategy to deal with the risk efficacy during the 12th BRICS summit which was virtually conducted by the Five-Nation Alliance.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonara, and South African President Cyril Ramaphos participated in the summit, chaired by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Terrorism is now the world’s biggest challenge.

We will need to ensure that countries assisting and helping terrorists are kept accountable and the problem is handled in a systematic way,” the Prime Minister said.

While Modi did not name a country, his reference to Pakistan is considered to be focused.

“We are glad that during the Russian presidency the BRICS counter-terrorism policy was accomplished.

This is a significant milestone and during its presidency, India will continue to do so,” he adds.

The BRICS is considered to be a powerful bloc of over 3.6 billion individuals or half of the global population, which represents Brazil-Russia-China/South Africa.

Combined GDP of USD 16,6 billion is applicable to the BRICS nations.

Modi also stressed in his speech the need for restructuring of the Security Council of the United Nations and multilateral organizations, such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Health Organisation.

“The legitimacy and performance of global governance institutions are being called into question.

The biggest explanation is that these organizations, which are now operational on the basis of the 75-year-old thinking, have not improved over time.”

“India believes that change is very compulsory in the UN Security Council,” he said, adding that multilateralism is facing a crisis. “We expect support from our BRICS partners on this issue.”

Modi, speaking about the COVID 19 and its effects, pointed out that the BRICS economies will have an important role to play in the post-pandemic global reconstruction and that the manufacture and supply of vaccines in India will support humanity.

“We have over 42% of the world’s inhabitants, and our nations are one of the world’s great engines.

The bilateral trade between BRICS countries can be expanded extensively,” the Prime Minister said.

“Our shared mechanisms and structures, including the BRICS Inter-Bank Cooperation Mechanism, the New Development Bank, the Agreement on Preferential Reserves and Customs Cooperation may also effectively contribute to global recovery,” he said.

In the course of the ‘self-reliant India’ campaign, the Prime Minister also emphasized the development steps initiated by his administration.

“Through the ‘Self-Related India’ movement, we began a systematic reform process.

“The campaign is focused on the conviction that post-COVID self-confident and resilient India will serve as a multiplier of power for the global economy and contribute significantly to world value chains.

Modi also related to India in the last few months providing vital drugs to more than 150 countries.

“There will also be the advantage of civilization for our development and distribution of vaccines.

India and South Africa have proposed to be excluded from the deal on intellectual property surrounding the vaccination, medication, and inquiries of COVID-19.

The Prime Minister said India will work to improve cooperation on digital and conventional medicine in relation to India’s BRICS Chairmanship.

“We will endeavor to enhance cooperation in all three BRICS pillars during our 2021 Chairmanship and will aim to increase intra-BRICS unity and build for this reason a robust institutional structure,” said Modi.

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