Trump called for options to attack Iran Iran’s nuclear facility last week but held off

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The US official reported that President Donald Trump, with his remaining two months in office, last week had called for ways to attack Iran’s main nuclear facility.

Trump asked the recently appeared Oval Minister of Defense Christopher Miller and General Mike Milleys, chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, at his meeting on Thursday with his top national security help, including Vice President Mike Pence, Secretaries of State Mike Pompeo.

The President-elect of Democratic President Joe Biden, who declined to recognize the outcome of the presidential elections on 3 November, is to resign his powers on 20 January.

The official reported in the New York Times article that the experts convinced Trump not to go on strike because of the possibility of greater confrontation. The official confirmed the report of the conference.

“He demanded alternatives. They gave him possibilities and in the end, he agreed not to proceed,” said the official.

The comment was refused by the White House.

During all four years as President, Trump has insisted on an ambitious stance on Iran. His Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama, negotiated his exit from Iran’s nuclear agreement in 2018 and placed economic sanctions on Iran’s large targets.

Trump’s application for options came a day after a UN survey paper revealed that Iran had completed its move to an underground, with a fresh violation of its 2015 nuclear pact with major powers, by transferring the first cascade of advanced centrifuges from an aboveground plant at their main uranium enrichment facility.

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The Iranian nuclear program was planned exclusively for peaceful and civilian uses, says Alireza Miryousefi, spokesperson on Iran’s United Nations mission in New York. Trump’s actions have not changed that.

“To deter or respond to any melancholy adventure by any aggressionist Iran has proved capable of using its legal military force,” he said.

Iran’s low-enriched uranium balance of 2.4 tonnes is now slightly over the 202,8 kg contract. It produced 337,5 kg per year, less than the International Atomic Energy Agency’s more than 500 kg reported in the previous two quarters.

In January, Trump ordered a drone attack at the airport of Baghdad, which killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. But he shied away from larger disputes at the military level and decided to retreat U.S. soldiers from worldwide hotspots in line with his pledge of perpetual battles. An assault on Iran’s major nuclear site in Nazi could spark a regional confrontation and provide Biden with a severe foreign relations problem.

Biden’s transition team which, owing to the Trump administration’s reluctance to initiate the transition, did not have access to domestic security information declined to comment.

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