Great Pretender Season 2: Latest Deets!

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On Wednesday, Netflix announced the streaming of the original Wit Studio series-Great Pretender Season 2. It will be released on 25 November 2020. And in particular, there are episodes from 15 to 23. It will be referred to as Case 4 of the Anime.

The Case 4 title of the series is Wizard of the Far East. It was in Tokyo and Shanghai. The tale concerns the Association of Suzaku. It is a group concerned with the exploitation of children and Laurent’s history.

Case 1 first performed with English subtitles on Netflix in Japan on 2nd June. The first five episodes have taken place. Case 2 then first on 9 June with 6 to 10 episodes. On 16 June Case 3 debuted with 11-14 episodes. And Case 4, with episodes between 15 and 23 on 21 September. Netflix broadcasts anime to the world in Japan.

Netflix began broadcasting The Great Pretender anime outside Japan on 20th August. On 8 July, Fuji TVs plus Ultra programming block were featured with anime. It finished with a total of 23 episodes after two years.

The album about the opening song G.P. The late Queen singer Freddie Mercury of The Platters album is a very rare cover. And Mercury is the first in Japan to feature this anime.

The show’s themes are credit theft and happiness, well known to everyone.

The best swindler in Japan is expected to be Makoto Edamura. They attempt to fool a Frenchman in Asakusa, along with his partner Kudo but are unforeseen. Since taking on dirty jobs in the Frenchman, Edamura has yet to find out what destiny awaits him.


The dub voice cast is as follows:

  • Alan Lee as Makoto Edamura
  • Aaron Phillips as Laurent Thierry
  • Kausar Mohammed as Abigail Jones (Abbie)
  • Laura Post as Cynthia Moore
  • Mike Pollock as Kudo
  • Karen Huie as Shi Ohn


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