YouTube ‘s Annual Rewind Video for 2020 Has Been Cancelled Because ‘It Doesn’t Feel Right’ This Year

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For about a decade now, YouTube has created a special video called Rewind at the end of the year which displays network creators, clips, and trends popular that year. YouTube says that will not happen for those looking forward to this year’s release.

According to many media news sources, the official Youtube account issued a statement saying that “2020 was fresh” and that it doesn’t feel right to continue as if it wasn’t.”

Every version has millions of views and the 2016 edition has 239 million views; however, over the past couple of years, videos have gained a lot of interest, with the 2018 version being 18 million users’ most unknown YouTube video.

The news that Rewind is not going to happen this year has been received favorably by some while others are unhappy about it. Also, the big giant doesn’t specifically state that if they’re going to make one next year, some people are speculating that Rewind will be indefinitely canceled. However, we expect some makers to make their own compilations before the end of the year, showcasing significant events and developments.

YouTube thanked its makers to help the people to accomplish a difficult year even with the worldwide COVID pandemic, work cuts, economic inequality, and U.S. President’s referendum.

“We know that you all created too much of the positive that happened in 2020,” said YouTube in the declaration. “You discover means of lifting people, coping with them, and making them laugh. You have changed a rough year.”

Rewind introduced a different approach this year to the Mashup video as an installation instead of the highly generated original video segments of last year. This occurred after 2018, after Youtube Rewind recorded the most dislikes of any video on the site, as critics argued that it was sordid to the culture of the web platform, showcasing big celebrities to the detriment of local YouTube makers. Indeed, Susan Wojcicki’s own children told YouTube CEO that the video for 2018 is “cringe.”

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