Joe Biden Talks With Leaders Of Germany, France, UK, And Ireland

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On Tuesday, US President-elect Joe Biden had many congratulatory calls with leaders of the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Ireland. In these calls, along with the bilateral issues, they also discussed the methods and actions to fight global challenges together like Covid-19.

President-elect Biden speaks with leaders of France, Germany, Ireland and UK
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On Monday, Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister was the very first foreign minister to have spoken via telephone with the US President-elect. Prime minister Narendra Modi in 2016, was among the primary five world leaders to attend the congratulatory call with the then-president-elect Donald Trump. Narendra Modi was one of the initial few foreign leaders to congratulate Joe Biden and Vice president-elect Kamala Harris through Twitter. Unlike Trump, Biden has not yet reacted to the Twitter congratulations and greetings by world leaders.

What did Joe Biden discuss?

Joe Biden along with others examined and discussed participating in scope of shared interests, for example, containing Covid-19 and building worldwide health security; handling the risks of environmental change; empowering human rights, and establishing the bases for a sustainable worldwide economic recuperation. Biden also communicated his availability to cooperate on various worldwide challenges, remembering security and improvement for Africa and its development, the contentions in Ukraine and Syria, and Iran’s nuclear program.

During the call, Biden offered thanks to German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her congrats, lauded her leadership, and noticed that he anticipated strengthening relations between Germany and the United States and renewing the trans-Atlantic relationship, including through NATO and the EU. Biden noticed his advantage in working intimately with Merkel on common and frequent interests and difficulties, including the fight with Covid-19; addressing the atmosphere crisis, and pursuing a feasible worldwide economic recovery. He along with this all also welcomed the chance to cooperate on a mutual mission with the EU.

The President-elect in his call with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson offered him thanks note of gratitude for his congrats and communicated his wish to fortify the special relationship and re-double collaboration on issues of common concern. Biden noticed that he particularly anticipates working intently together on worldwide issues and difficulties as the United Kingdom plans to have the 2021 G-7 and the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26).

“He noted that he looked forward to working with the Taoiseach to address shared challenges such as controlling Covid-19; building a sustainable economic recovery, and tackling climate change. He also reaffirmed his support for the Good Friday Agreement and the peace process in Northern Ireland,” Readout said.

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