My Hero Academia Chapter 291: Everything You Should Know.

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Gigantomachia, Shigaraki, and the other villains will reunite to fight the heroes as Endeavor is likely to face off against his son Dabi or Toya Todoroki in “My Hero Academia Chapter 291”.

After Dabi’s shocking reveal, Shoto and Endeavor will face the repercussions. Now, Dabi has challenged Endeavor for a duel. The upcoming chapter will also address Endeavor’s response after Dabi’s epic monologue in the previous chapter.

Kōhei Horikoshi is the writer and illustrator of the Japanese superhero manga series. The anime television adaption of the manga was by Bones. The first season debuted in Japan in 2016. The manga has won many awards and has a positive response from viewers.

Release Date Of “My Hero Academia Chapter 291”

Chapter 291 will be released on Sunday, 15th November 2020 and fans can get the chapter on Viz and Manga Plus.

The Plot Of The Upcoming Chapter

My Hero Academia Chapter 291 preview revealed, Will Dabi kill Endeavor? |  Entertainment
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The previous chapter, “Dabi’s Dance” opens with the hospital staff running toward Rei’s room. This was to shut the television before she could witness the carnage unfolding in the city.

But the television is hacked and the screen shows Dabi addressing the world. At the same time, on the battlefield, Gigantomachia arrives with the League of Villains. Shigaraki is in a terrible shape and state after fighting the heroes.

Shoto knows that the heroes will not be able to handle both Gigantomachia and Shigaraki and decides to take down Shigaraki since he is already in bad shape.

Shoto and other heroes are fully ready to attack Shigaraki, but Gigantomachia’s intervention on time saves the villain from the attack.

Dabi announces he is Toya Todoraki, the eldest son of Endeavor. Dabi reveals his origin story, his crimes, and how he killed over 30 innocent people in cold blood. He also reveals how Endeavor was once a power-hungry man. And when All Might surpassed him to claim the number one spot on the Hero ranking chart, Endeavor lost all hope.

Later after Endeavor has lost hopes, in order to create even stronger Quirks, Endeavor created Dabi. But Dabi was a failure and Endeavor rejected him. But Dabi survived and joined the League of Villains. And now Dabi can only think of ways to crush Endeavor and make him suffer.

The upcoming chapter will probably go on to show the fights between the heroes and villains. And we will get to know if Dabi will be successful in taking his revenge on Endeavor.

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