WHO: COVID-19 Vaccine could fundamentally change pandemic direction

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A senior World Health Organisation (WHO) official said on Monday; that a COVID-19 vaccine may be rolled out by March 2021; to the most vulnerable, which along with other advances could fundamentally change the course of the pandemic.

Bruce Aylward also told the WHO’s annual ministerial assembly that interim results announced from Pfizer Inc’s late-stage vaccine trials were “very positive”.

Aylward told the 194-member state forum that “There is still much work to be done, this is just interim results…but; some very positive results coming today; while should hold great promise hopefully for the entire world as we move forward.”

WHO: COVID-19 Vaccine could fundamentally change pandemic direction
Reuters India

Pfizer said its experimental COVID-19 vaccine with partner BioNTech was more than 90% effective. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tweeted shortly afterward: “We welcome the encouraging vaccine news from @pfizer and @BioNTech_Group; and salute all scientists and partners around the; who are developing new and efficacious tools to beat #COVID19.”

Aylward, referring to all three pillars of the ACT (Access to COVID Tools) Accelerator launched in April, said, “In diagnostics, we are in a position to massively expand testing globally, in therapeutics we have sufficient tools right now to substantially reduce the risk of dying from this disease and in the area of vaccine – we are on the verge of having the readiness in place to roll out doses for high-risk populations in the late first quarter, early 2nd quarter.”

However, he warned that an “acute funding gap” of $4.5 billion could slow access to tests, medicines, and vaccines in low-and middle-income countries.



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