OnePlus Nord Durability : Worse Than iPhone 6 Bendgate ?

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OnePlus Nord, a super affordable smart-phone, was recently launched by OnePlus in the Indian market. And, recently its durability test has been done by everyone all around the globe; and every one of them has come out with positive results. Tests were conducted in the number of thousands to test its strength and durability. The tests were conducted to check that what quality is produced at such an affordable rate by OnePlus.

OnePlus Nord

The results of the test conducted on OnePlus Nord by Zack Nelson:

One of those tests was conducted by Zack Nelson(Jerry Rig Everything), in which the phone got thumbs up but was not much durable. The phone got good scores in the scratch test but failed in the fire and bend tests. The scratch level for OnePlus Nord was between level 6 and on the deeper grooves of level 7. The front screen is protected with gorilla glass 5. Plus, if you take a closer look, then you won’t find any antenna brands on it, which means it is made out of polycarbonate. The metal frames are engraved with the antenna.

OnePlus Nord

If you are confused about antenna, then on a simple plot antenna, bands are found in smart-phones with metal frames, and their work is to convert power signals into radio signals and vice versa. In a shorter definition, they are for receiving and sending out messages. The power and the alert slider switch are made of metal. The phone has a plastic frame and also has a layer that adds to its protection if the phone falls off your hand.

The OnePlus Nord’s display screen got white after 20 seconds of the fire test and didn’t recover. The scratches on the down level 7 didn’t affect the convectional fingerprint scanner, which is a good sign. Thus, you won’t lose your access to your phone even when you got scratches.

OnePlus Nord Bending

The Nord’s frame cracks at the power button side, and then the display screen too breaks in the bend test. However, the good thing is that only the Nord’s Gorilla Glass does not crack, and the screen that cracks is the AMOLED display one, which is below the gorilla glass.

The Score Out of 10:

  • Design – 8/10
  • Display – 9/10
  • Software – 10/10
  • Performance – 9/10
  • Battery life – 9/10
  • Camera – 8/10
  • Value for money – 9/10


Though, the pressure applied on the phone during the durability test was not normal. The intensity of pressure applied there is not the kind type of pressure that your phone would face in day to day scenarios. The pressure applied was of extreme conditions. Therefore, you can go for it.



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