Rick and Morty Season 4 Part 2: When is the exact release date?

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The animated television series “Rick and Morty” has come back with its fourth season and that was some real treat for everyone. And, now everyone is waiting for the second part of Adult Swim’s animated sci-fi.

And, we are here to talk about the same. So without taking any more of your time let’s take a quick look at everything we have gathered up for you here.

Rick and Morty Season 4 Part 2: When is the release happening?

Rick and Morty Season 4 Part 2
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The first half of the show arrived on Netflix on 16th June Tuesday; fans were left confused about when the boxset would be available in full.

So to break the ice, the second part of the fourth season will air on 4th December i.e. Friday. There is a total of 10 episodes in this season, five of them are already streaming on Netflix and the other five will be there on 4th December.

Rick and Morty Season 4 Part 2: Who all are in for the cast?

We have:

  • Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith voiced by Justin Roiland
  • Morty’s father Jerry voiced by Chris Parnell
  • Morty’s sister Summer voiced by Spencer Grammer
  • Rick’s daughter Beth voiced by Sarah Chalke

Harmon confirmed that some new guest stars will be featured in this season:

  • Taika Waititi
  • Kathleen Turner
  • Sam Neill
  • Paul Giamatti

Rick and Morty Season 4 Part 2: What about the plotline?

We know that the adult swim series revolves around a school-going kid Morty and an insane and alcoholic scientist Rick who stays in Morty’s house as a guest. The series focuses on how both of them start sharing a bond and go on an amusing adventure.

A teaser for the second part of the fourth season was released a few months back. And it gave us a hint about the plot. In that small teaser, we saw that Rick is injured and Morty brings him in a wrecked ship. We also saw that they were in danger as the ship was on the verge of collapsing.

We also saw how Morty talks to Jessica for one last time to convey his feelings for her. So in Rick and Morty Season 4 Part 2, we can finally get to know if the duo survived in the waters. It will also be revealed how Rick got injured.

Also, there are chances that Jessica might reciprocate to Morty’s feelings.

Stay Tuned!

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