COVID-19 vaccine: India plans to launch vaccines – Anganwadi centres, schools to be used

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In addition to health facilities, Anganwadi centers, schools, panchayat buildings, and other such set-ups will also be used as vaccination sites for the inoculation campaign against COVID-19 which is tracked by the digital portal of the Union Ministry of Health to send text messages, and create QR code following any jab to track the beneficiaries.

The state authorities must designate buildings that could be used as vaccine stands under the special program of immunization COVID-19 running parallel to the current Universal Immunization Program (UIP), in compliance with an expert group’s proposal.

Such centers will also be housed in Anganwadi centers, schools, panchayat buildings, and other facilities identified by state governments,’ a source said. The vaccine sites are not limited to only medical facilities.

In order to administer and distribute COVID-19 vaccines the current eVIN web network of the Ministry of Health is being improved by sending SMSes to recipients, reminding them of the time, date, and location for taking the shots, and link and monitoring them online, according to the source.

In order to prevent overlap and to track recipients, each person on the immunization list is associated with their Adhaar cards. However, a government photo identification could be used, sources said, if an individual does not have an Aadhaar card.

The eVIN Framework offers information on vaccine supplies and storage temperatures on a real-time basis across all the cold chain points in the world under the United Nations International Intelligence Organization (UIP).

The Prime Minister indicated that the experiences of effective elections and crisis management should be used at a review meeting in the last month to improve and distribute the vaccine program, including the presence of state / UT/district authorities, civil society groups, charitable employees, residents, and specialists from all fields.

The once usable coronavirus vaccine is to be delivered across the systems, methods, and networks of the current UIP through a special COVID-19 inoculation program, official sources said earlier.

According to the Center, this vaccine will be procured directly from the present network of states and districts to the priority groups.

The vaccine is scheduled to be given free of charge to priority classes.

States were demanded not to identify different procurement routes, they added.

The Center, with the support of state and UT governments, initiated the task of selecting approximately 30 priority vaccine beneficiaries in the initial phase.

The government has divided four categories into two crore frontlines employees, including local companies, police officers, and armed forces, some 26 crore people aged over 50 and a separate group under 50 with combined morbidities and requirements, who are divided into about 1 crore health care professionals including physicians, students at MBBS, nurses and staff at ASHA, etc.

The target demographic groups to obtain the vaccine were requested by mid-November.

As part of a government immunization system, the National Advisory Committee on Vaccine Management COVID-19 has already laid out the current cold chain and predicted what additionality will be appropriate.

Under the UIP, cold chain services are currently being used at more than 28,000 locations. The group is currently focused on mapping facilities for the private sector to expand capacity.

The Center expects 40-50 crore doses of vaccine COVID-19, covering 20-25 Crore, to be received by July next year, the Minister for Union Health, Harsh Vardhan said in October.

According to COVID-19 vaccine implementation, the Ministry of Health pursued the establishment of committees at state and district levels for a period of over a one-year period.

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