The Latest Airpod Pro is as Disposable as Ever

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Apple has plans to recycle the Airpod Pro

A popular website, iFixit has released its review of the newly released Apple Airpods. The report revealed that the device has a zero repairability score which means that it cannot be repaired if something goes wrong with it. According to the report, repairing the device is uneconomical and impractical. This is practically the same as the first Airpods released by Apple.

Apple will be recycling used AirPods

The Airpods Pro which costs approximately $249 will be recycled by Apple. This means that if your battery degrades and dies, you cannot fix them to use again. However, you can send them to Apple to be recycled. There is also a battery service program that costs $49 for each earbud out of warranty period. The review also revealed the design and features of the new Airpods. They are heavier than the first pair due to the active noise cancellation feature. Also, it has an inward-facing microphone.

The silicone ear tip is a user-replaceable part but it isn’t compatible with third-party devices. This will likely change soon because of the popularity of the Airpods. Like the other AirPod which has been replicated by third party brands, this is to be expected.

The battery of the Airpods is similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Buds which is a watch-style battery. However, it is not replaceable because it is tethered by a cable that was soldered to the device. The product is a disposable device that was built to be as light as possible and small too.

Apple has been known to boast about recycling and using renewable energy so it is shocking that it continues to make a device that is so easily disposable. Even though such a small device will have a low environmental impact, more is expected of Apple as a forerunner in the electronics industry.

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