China Dismisses Reports Of Seizing Territory From Nepal As Rumor.

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China on Tuesday, 3rd November 2020 has dismissed media reports stating that China seized territory from Nepal. China dismisses these reports as totally unfounded and pure rumor.

The foreign ministry of China’s spokesperson Wang Wenbin has reacted to a report in the Daily Telegraph that was published on Tuesday. The newspaper quoted Nepalese politicians saying that Beijing had secretively annexed more than 150 hectares of land on the Nepal-Tibet border, on the Nepalese side.

Wang said that he wants to point out that the report is a completely unfounded rumor. The report is not based on facts and is a pure rumor. Wang repeats his statement when asked for further response.

Previous Reports Of China Encroaching On Nepalese Land

In October this year, the state media of China had denied similar reports of encroachment. The reports said that China had encroached on Nepalese land in the Humla district.

There have been reports that the people in Humla are suffering due to the Chinese encroachment. Bejing has suspended permissions for trucks laden with food supply. It was further reported that the people in the border area are suffering a lot. There has been the accusation that China has started constructing structures crossing Nepal’s borderline at Pillar 12. The Chinese security forces are also chasing the people away if they go to the area for cattle-rearing or farming.

The nationalist tabloid Global Times had said in a report on 16th October that the buildings that some in Nepal have accused China of encroaching on its land in Humla district fall within Chinese territory. They are actually a newly-built village in Burang county in Ali, southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region.

The report also blames India for making the incident hype. The report also accused the Nepalese opposition of making the allegations at the orders of New Delhi.

According to the Global Times, the main opposition is the Nepalese Congress. The Nepalese Congress is hyping the incident. They are considering this as a pro-India force. The report also went on to refer to the issue of India-Nepal territorial dispute.

According to the reports, India actually has a long-running territorial dispute with Nepal. The Indian government included a disputed area with Nepal in its new territorial map in 2019. This triggered conflicts between the two countries. In response to this move by India Nepal published a new map. The new map in turn includes Kalapani and other areas into its territory.

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