Quebec City stabbing: man charged with two murders after Halloween sword attack

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In Quebec City Canada on Halloween night, a 24-year-old man appears in court using a video link to kill two individuals with a sword.

After a man dressing in medieval clothing and weaving a sword, the police in Quebec said on Sunday that two people were murdered and five injured and that the attack seemed to be motivated on a personal basis and not affiliated to any militant organization.

Quebec Police Chief Robert Pigeon said at a press conference, arresting a Montreal 24-year-old man early on Sunday morning.

Carl Girouard appeared in a court in Quebec via the recording. According to broadcaster Radio-Canada, he was convicted of two first degree counts and five counts of attempted homicide.

Pigeon continued, the early reports said the man was not linked to any terror organisation. “Dressed in a mediaeval robe and protected with a Japanese sword, all led us to conclude he selected the victims at random.

Pigeon claimed that the perpetrator was prepared but did not elaborate to do as much harm as possible. The defendant has oil cans in his vehicle in Quebec’s newspaper, Le Soleil. Pigeon refused to comment on this article.

The incident started on Halloween in the historic centre of the walled city late on Saturday night. Following almost 3 hours of manhunting when the protection of the port noticed a suitable person to be lying barefoot on the floor, the police ordered people to remain indoors.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the city being partly closed, there were very few people on the streets to minimise possible damage, police said.

“It’s an isolated act once again,’ said Regis Labeaume, Mayor of Québec City, to reporters. “With the issue [of mental health] becoming more and more difficult to tackle, we have to have a societal discussion.”

Six members of a Quebec City mosque were shot down by a Canadian man in 2017. Later, he was sentenced to life in court.

On Sunday, the Quebec Chief of Police said the man spoke about committing an assault five years earlier during his psychiatric review but the police were not aware of it and had no criminal record at all.

The victims were the museum marketing officer, 61-year-old Suzanne Clermont, and 56-year old François Duchesne.

• An update to this article to replace the main photograph was adopted on 1 November 2020. In reality, an earlier photograph of Quebec City was of Ottawa.

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