Venom 2: Release date, Cast, and Plot Points

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Sony’s Venom received lots of encouraging feedback and was a massive success on the box office in 2018. It made a total profit of $850 million worldwide and became a super-hit. And, all of this happened even when there was a critical thrashing of the movie. That shows us that a huge fan base loved the film, and they made it a hit, despite all the problems. The movie’s cast members were very confident about the success of the movie. They started to talk about its sequel even before the first movie was released. We can guess now what made it such a success at the box office.

The second part of the movie titled Venom: Let There Be Carnage was confirmed after Kelly Marcel returned for the sequel i.e., in January 2019. But, as per the existing commitments, the director of the first movie Ruben Fleischer won’t be able to join in. And, in his place, Andy Serkis will direct the sequel of the movie Venom.

Venom 2: When is the release happening?

Venom 2
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The movie is all set to be released, and the actual release date was October 2, 2020, in the United Kingdom and the United States cinemas. The shooting of the movie started back in November 2019, and the shooting phase was wrapped up in April 2020, avoiding the shutdown due to the crisis happening around the globe.

Earlier Venom 2 was set to be out on July 31, but Venom: Let The Carnage has been shifted back to June 25, 2021. The trailer of the movie might come out in early April according to the rumors. However, there is no official confirmation about this from Sony.

Venom 2: Who are in the casting list?

Pascal said in June 2019, “I can say that Tom Hardy will be back, magnificently playing that character as no-one else can. When you think of Venom, you will never be able to think of anyone but Tom Hardy sitting in that bathtub of lobsters. And once you saw Tom Hardy does this character, that’s all you needed to know.”

Plus, Michelle Williams will also make a comeback in the character of Anne Weying, Eddie Brock’s ex-wife. She is hopeful that the sequel will give equal exposure to the she-venom as it will to he one.

Besides, there would be Naomie Harris, though it is yet to be confirmed, for now, it seems that the character of villain Shriek in the sequel of Venom would be played by James Bond star. In addition to all this, Stephen Graham is also confirmed for the cast, but his character is yet to be confirmed. There can also be Sean Delaney in the sequel.

Venom 2: What is the plot?

“Extraordinary piece of cinema,” said the new director Andy Serkis. He said in his Instagram post, “I can’t tell you any ideas right now. I am in the beginning stages, but I have some obvious ideas about what I want to see visually, and how we can take the characters to another dimension.”

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