In Russia, Police Shot Dead A Teenager In Muslim-dominated Region For Stabbing An Officer

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The Russia Police recently shot dead a 16-year-old adolescent in the Muslim-majority Tatarstan district after he attempted to burn down a nearby police headquarters and wounded a cop, Russian specialists said on Friday. Russian police in the majority Muslim republic of Tatarstan lethally gave dead a youngster on Friday, who they express wounded an official and endeavored to burn down a police headquarters.

Teenager shot dead by Russian police for stabbing officer in Muslim-dominated region, World News |

The event, which happened soon after 12 PM nearby time, left the wounded officer in the medical clinic with non-perilous blade wounds. The teenager had attempted to set land a police headquarters in the town of Kukmor utilizing a Molotov mixed drink and had cut a cop finally multiple times during a capture endeavor, the announcement said.

Another cop had discharged admonition shots into the air prior to being compelled to start shooting, it stated, saying the anonymous teenager had passed on of his injuries before surgeons could show up on the scene. There is still no identification of the teenager.
It was not promptly clear what the teenagers’ demand and the motive were behind such an attack. The officials are still searching for it. They have talked openly about it, we don’t know how clear they are.

As per an official proclamation by state specialists, the supposed attacker tossed in any event two Molotov mixed drinks toward the neighborhood police headquarters in Kukmor, 75 miles east from the local capital Kazan, and the adjoining parking area. The youngster then “endeavored to flee” prior to being secured by a gathering of officials.

“The youngster looked to respond to rehashed requests to stop his activities,” the announcement peruses. “During the capture, he effectively opposed and cut one official on numerous occasions. Considering his forceful conduct… officials utilized standard-issue weapons.”

People Of Russia On This:

Baza, an informal online media channel related to law authorization, later professed to recognize the youngster as 16-year-old Vitaly Antipov. A similar channel recommended the teenager yelled “God will spare me, unbelievers, Allahu Akhbar” and recorded a web-based media post “calling for jihad” right away prior to assaulting the station. The incident happened after this recording.

The recording is going viral on various social media platforms. People are highly interested in the region and across the world. Russian administration told that there is peace in the region and no further violence is recorded.
Due to this shooting, many Russians are scared and are inside the homes, along with the fear of pandemic as well.


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