The National Assembly of Pakistan requests that an envoy be recalled, but Islamabad has no French ambassador.

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The Pakistan National Assembly, in a joint resolution, asked the government, after President Emmanuel Macron of France last week condemned the French publication for displaying caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, to recall his ambassador to France. Pakistan has no ambassador in Paris at present and the last Moin-ul-Haq ambassador left France three months ago after he was moved to China.

Pakistan has not yet named an Ambassador to France since the transition of Moin-ul-Haq to China.

The prophet’s pictures have caused wrath in the Muslim world, while the Turkish leader called for French products to be boycotted. The President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan was responsible for challenging the Emotional Condition of Macron and the first in Franco-Turkish diplomatic relations to be held was France’s Ambassador in Turkey for consultations.

Protests against the cartoon have also taken place in Iraq, Turkey, Gaza, and Bangladesh.

On October 16, an 18-year-old Chechen boy decapitated a teacher near Paris who displayed caricatures of Muhammad in the classroom.

France sees religious humor as one of the kinds of speech under freedom of expression, while any alleged assault on their prophet is a severe offense for many Muslims.

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