COVID-19 Vaccine: USA’s Anthony Fauci and Irish Deputy PM

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US COVID-19 Vaccine Verdict

Anthony Fauci, a US infectious disease specialist, said on Sunday that it would be clear if the Covid-19 vaccine was safe and successful by early December, but that more universal vaccination would not be possible until later in 2021.

“We’ll know if the vaccine is safe and successful by the end of November, beginning of December,” Fauci told the BBC.

“When you talk of a huge percentage of the population being vaccinated so that you will have a major effect on the nature of the epidemic, it is most likely that this will not happen until the second or third quarter of the year.”

Irish Deputy PM reports that vaccinations against the deadly virus can begin before April 2021.

The Irish Government hopes to be able to continue to vaccinate vulnerable citizens against COVID-19 in the first quarter or first half of 2021, said Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar on Sunday.

“I am increasingly hopeful, as is the government, that we will see a vaccine accepted in the next few months and that it will be possible to launch vaccinations for those most at risk in the first half or first quarter of next year,” Varadkar told RTE Radio.

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