The USA President Donald Trump Negotiated The Deal Between Sudan & Isreal And Called It A “Huge Win”

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Trump: Sudan To Recognize Israel – Join UAE And Bahrain. Sudan is now the 3rd predominantly Muslim country to establish its full-fledged diplomatic relations with Israel in the year 2020. Just after UAE and Bahrain sign the “Abraham Accord” with Israel to do the same.

President Donald Trump announced this deal while addressing the media on 23rd October. Trump said Sudan will tie its diplomatic relations with Israel. The deal between the USA and Sudan includes – Sudan paying compensation to the American victims of the terror attack. The attack happened in 1998 on USA embassies in Kenya and Tanzania by the terror group Al – Qaida.  Sudan has taken responsibility for that Since the terror group leader, ‘Osama bin Laden’ was living in Sudan. Secondly – Sudan will open its diplomatic channel with Israel.

It’s A Huge Relief For Sudan As It Has Been Removed From The List Of Terror Group.

In exchange, President Trump had signed an executive order to remove Sudan from the watch list of ‘State Sponsor of Terrorism’.  This will help Sudan to stable its economic conditions. Now Sudan can easily get international loans, relief funds, and other grants from different world organizations. The Sudanese PM Abdalla Hamdok expressed his gratitude to Trump for removing Sudan from the terrorism list.

Trump said, “This is one of the greatest days in the history of Sudan”. Adding that Israel and Sudan have been in a state of conflict for decades. Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu while talking to trump on phone said: “We are cooperating with everyone. Building a better future for all of us”.

Trump: Sudan To Recognize Israel – Join UAE And Bahrain & Joint Statement of the United States, the Republic of Sudan, and the State of Israel.

After the telephonic conversion with Trump, Netanyahu released a video in Hebrew – language from his Jerusalem office. Saying: “Today we announce another dramatic breakthrough for peace. Another Arab state joining the circle of peace. This time, it’s normalization between Israel and Sudan”.


The deal will help Israel to get access to the Sudanese market. Israel is likely to invest in the technology and agricultural field in Sudan. Meanwhile, Sudan will enjoy financial support from the USA and other international organizations. Now the citizens of both countries can visit each other, and it will increase tourism. So, it’s a win-win situation for both sides.

This Deal Can Be A Game-Changer For Trump As He Is Looking For His 2nd Term In The Presidential Office.

It’s a huge achievement by the Trump administration & in his foreign policy. Because this is the perfect time for Trump to show his achievements as the USA election is in just a few days. Trump shared this deal information from his oval office where he invited media people. Meanwhile, he was on the phone talking to the leaders of Israel and Sudan. This move by the USA is seen to unify the Arab world and other major countries against the common enemy of both the USA and Israel – Iran.

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Isreal After Its Independence Has Faced Recognization Crises Which Now Seems To Be Fading Way.

Israel declared its independence on 14 May 1948 but do not get international recognition from most of the countries. Arab countries refused to recognize Israel by saying that ” the Jews have forcefully occupied the land of Palestine and formed a country called Israel”.

Turkey was the first Muslim majority country to recognize Israel in 1949. After that Egypt and Jordan did the same in 1979 and 1994 respectively. Before the Iranian revolution, Iran also had its diplomatic ties with Israel but after that Iran cuts its ties with Israel. Similarly, in 2009 Venezuela also cuts its ties with Isreal sending a tough message to the USA saying that, if the USA targets Venezuela, Venezuela will also target USA allies.

Till now, 162 out of 195 UN members recognize Israel. Most of the Arab League countries still do not have diplomatic relations with Israel. But this seems to be changing as Israel is getting recognition from the Arab world as well. The political analyst is calling this “ A New Phase In Middle East politics”.

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