Rahul Gandhi hits back at BJP:”Unlike UP, Punjab and Rajasthan are NOT denying rape.” Releases fact-sheet on cases

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted in response to the attack by BJP leaders over the rape of a six-year-old Dalit girl in Punjab. “Unlike in UP, the governments of Punjab and Rajasthan are NOT denying that the girl was raped, threatening her family and blocking the course of justice. If they do, I will go there to fight for justice.”, said Gandhi in a tweet on Saturday. The tweet came hours after the BJP union leaders accused the Congress leaders of visiting Hathras as part of a “political tour”. They have accused Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka Gandhi Varda of using the “Hathras” rape as a political tool and are not raising the rape cases in Congress-ruled states such as Rajasthan and Punjab.

The accusations came from BJP Union leaders Prakash Javadekar and Nirmala Sitharaman. Javadekar said that the Congress leaders went to Hathras as part of a “photo-op”. He accused the Congress leaders of not taking actions against a Dalit migrant girl who was raped in Punjab. He also mentioned that former BJP Union minister Vijay Sampla met the victim’s family while no one from Congress met them.

Sitharam also lashed out at the Congress leaders. She said that the rape of a 6-year old doesn’t shake the conscience of the Gandhi siblings but they will rush to every place where they can help themselves politically. She also criticized Congress of selective outrage and demanded why the tweet-friendly Rahul Gandhi hasn’t spoken about it.

Another day, another young girl attacked

The six-year-old Dalit girl was found near a cattle shed in Punjab’s Hoshiarpur in Jalalpur village. She was half-burnt and raped. Police have arrested two men in connection with the crime. They are Surpreet Singh and his grandfather Surjit Singh. This horrific incident is the latest in a list of sexual assault crimes and attacks on women and young girls in states of India.

This comes right after the barbaric attack that took place in Hathras where a 19-year-old Dalit girl was allegedly gang-raped and brutally murdered. The Hathras case has shaken the whole nation and brought the UP Government under high scrutiny. There was huge outcry against the Yogi government for the way the case was handled. The UP Police stopped Rahul Gandhi, who visited Hathras to meet the victim’s family, and was shoved to the ground. The Police also man-handled his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra when she tried visiting them the second time.

How did Rahul Gandhi respond?

Rahul Gandhi responded to BJP’s criticism by pointing out that Rajasthan and Punjab have acted on the crime and made arrests. He said that the government in these states has admitted to the crimes and they are not threatening the victim’s family, unlike the UP government in the Hathras case. He further added that if these governments turn out to be the same, he will go there to fight for justice.

Punjab’s CM Amarinder Singh and Mahila Congress chief Sushmita Dev also hit back at the BJP leaders. They criticized them for speaking out only when the opportunity presented itself to lash out at Congress leaders.

Congress has also released a fact-sheet on the two cases. The sheet below showcases the difference between the Hoshiarpur rape case and the Hathras rape and murder case:

Rahul Gandhi
Source: Public Releases

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