Perdida: Filming and more!

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Perdida is all that can go terribly wrong with a promising original Netflix show. The Argentinian production is based on a well-known book, Cornelia. While I haven’t read it, the little bursts of narrative promise — which sometimes shook its head in the film — are a hint of good literary work. The laziness that infects Perdida leaves enough space for you to worry about where it all went wrong.

There are shards of a positive narrative here, one grappling with the rampant malaise of slavery in human beings and also providing a few moments that should have been used into a real interpersonal confrontation. Thoroughly let down by its editing and pacing, Perdida’s wobbly storytelling gradually escalates into a full-blown trainwreck that isn’t exciting to behold.

That’s sort of how it feels to watch Perdida, Alejandro Montiel’s sometimes-sharp, often-sharp misfire on a picture. And it’s those times where the film really grabs you and brings you to a spot of surprise, mystery, and tension, where you really deceive yourself into thinking for a moment that the story will take a positive turn. Unfortunately, for any little bit of greatness, a cavalcade of gently disappointing moments will proceed. This mechanism repeats itself from the very first scene of the film to the muted shrug of a denouement.

Filming location

The tale of Perdida begins in Valencia, where Soledad Santos is lost at the beach. From there, the plot travels to Bogotá, Colombia, where Antonio Santos is captured to go to prison. The series mainly follows Antonio’s plot, and he’s heading over to the dark side.

The beach where Soledad went missing is in Valencia. It used to be an industrial area before it focused on some of its landmarks and reshaped its reputation as a tourist coastal town. Four of the most popular beaches in Valencia are La Malvarrosa, El Saler, Sagunto, and Port Saplaya.

The scene of the airport was shot at El Dorado International Airport. It is the most important and busiest airport in Colombia to service Bogotá and its neighboring areas. The prison sequences were shot in the locality of Fontibon, which used to be considered an “associate town” until it consolidated into Bogota. Here’s another message from Jesus Haro, after the crew had completed the shooting.


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