Early iPhone 12 Durability Tests Suggest Ceramic Shield to be 26% Stronger Than iPhone 11

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Apple iPhone 12 Series have Ceramic Shield which is created with a newer process and is claimed by Apple to be 4x Better protection than Gorilla Glass. A few YouTubers have already performed some early durability tests.

Youtube Channel MobileReviewsEh used a force meter to conduct the durability test, in his test Apple iPhone 12 was able to withstand 442 Newtons of force while the older iPhone 11 broke at 352 newtons of force.

Concluding from his test Ceramic Shield of iPhone 12 is 26% More durable than iPhone 11’s Glass, but it could be much higher than 26% because the test performed by MobileReviewsEh has the force concentrated at a particular point while during natural falls its mostly diversified.Based on his numbers we estimate it to be 26%

However, the material is still glass Mohs hardness picks of hardness 6 and above would still leave scratches with minor scratches at level 6 and deeper grooves at level 7.


Another Youtuber TechRax performed a drop test and iPhone 12 and it came out victorious.

However, due to the box design, the aluminum frame chipped a lot more than the previous curved iPhones and we would surely suggest at least and bumper to protect it.

TechRax also performed a hammer test on iPhone 12 Pro and when the impact point was on the sides, it surely broke quite easily.

In a separate scratch test, the ‌iPhone 12‌ was able to withstand scratching from keys, coins, rocks, and a box cutter, receiving no scratches on the display.

These tests are very controlled and these do not necessarily mean your phone won’t mean your phone won’t break.

Glass is Glass and glass breaks.

– JerryRigEverything


I would still suggest a good quality cover and tempered glass. I don’t know about you but I am waiting for Jerry to Rig the Phone Open.

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