5G Network For iPhone 12 Users : Will Cause Dip in Battery Life By 20%

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5G network is a curse for iPhone 12 users as it loses 20% more battery. The iPhone 12 and iPhone Pro battery lose around 20% more battery over 5G. A Battery test was conducted and found that the iPhone 12 lasted for 8 hours and 25 minutes. And 10 hours and 23 minutes in on 4G. Meanwhile, iPhone 12 Pro lasted 9 hours and 6 minutes on the 5G network. And 11 hours 24 minutes on 4G.

However, Android phones like the OnePlus8T, Google Pixels 5, and Samsung Galaxy S20 series all have better performance. The iPhone 11 lasted 11 hours and 16 minutes on 4G in the battery test. Which is more than the iPhone 12 on the same network. The iPhone 11 Pro lasted 10 hours 24 minutes over 4G. The iPhone 12 Pro, performed better, with 11 hours and 24 minutes.

5G Networks On Other Android

OnePlus 8T outlasted both, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. It ran for 10 hours 49 minutes at 60Hz and 9 hours 58 minutes on 120Hz, both over 5G. Google Pixel 5 lasted 9 hours 56 minutes, nearly an hour more than the iPhone 12, but dropped down to 9 hours and 29 minutes when the screen was set to a faster 90Hz refresh rate.

Although Samsung Galaxy phones perform better over 5G, the report notes that they lose juice when their screens are set to the 120Hz refresh rate. Samsung Galaxy S20 lasted 9 hours 31 minutes on 5G but dipped down to 8 hours 4 minutes at 120Hz.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, meanwhile, lasted 10 hours 31 minutes over 5G – more than an hour longer than the iPhone 12 Pro. However, it slipped to 8 hours 55 minutes at 120Hz.

sources: google.com

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