CORONAVIRUS: low cost testing method recieved approval of ICMR

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Coronavirus: got Approval by ICMR for low-cost testing. A new coronavirus, diagnostic method is developed by the researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Moreover, this Machine costs less than RS. 5000 and the PPE cost Rs 500. This COVIRAP method correctly detected 108 out of 115 positive samples. It’s going to be very helpful for ones, who can’t afford the other methods of testing.

COVIRAP method requires very low powered equipment. And is used in rural areas as there are limited facilities. It is useful for rural peoples. COVIRAP Produces results in just 1 hour. It can also check other types of diseases like dengue, malaria, influenza among others.



It has a microfluidic paper-based detection system. The colour of the microfluidic paper will determine if a sample is positive or negative. The DNA of the virus is mix with chemicals on the paper strip. This reaction determines if the samples are positive or negative. Moreover,  The team has developed a mobile app that monitors the infection status.

This test has an automated pre-programmable unit. To control temperature, a genomic analysis special detection unit. It can test 10 samples altogether. The kit comes with a set of instruction in Bengali and Hindi. It operates with basic pathology skills.


Most importantly, COVIRAP helped the rural people a lot as a result, rural people become responsive against COVID-19. On the other hand, we got to know, India is not lagging behind in any fields including in medicals. In short, coronavirus is slowing down very fastly, however, it hasn’t ended yet.


FELUDA test, developed by the institute of genomics and integrative biology, it also detects gene specific to the novel coronavirus with minimum technical expertise. The FELUDA test uses separate detection technology. Which has been developed and patented by IIT-Kharagpur.


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