Hansel and Gretel 2: Will The Sequel Happen?

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The Dark Fairy tale Hansel and Gretel received excellent reviews and feedback after the release of its first part in the theaters. It’s like a fresh breeze to the horror studios and is far apart from the entire horror movie, which was all sequel, remakes, or reboots. Hansel and Gretel are among those rare movies which don’t get a full release. Being packed with the spirit seeking drama, it can make you go off the couch and scream loud with terror.

Talking about the sequel of Hansel and Gretel, there are no official announcements that may hint towards it. But, the question still hangs in the middle that “Will the movie get a sequel?” or “It will be gone?”

Hansel and Gretel 2: Release Date

Hansel and Gretel 2

The first part of this horror-based classic fairy tale was announced in a developmental process in October 2018 by the Orion Pictures. And, it got released this year and caught up to many audiences. As the movie has lots of scary visuals and real horror scenes, the shooting of the film took a while.

But, for the sequel, there are no green lights visible till now. Director Oz Perkins said that the film cost only around $5 million to produce, and that makes it pretty confident to at least make that back soon. The sequel depends on the performance of Hansel and Gretel on the home video.

Hansel and Gretel 2: What is inside the story?

In the first part, we saw how Gretel saved her younger brother Hansel. She used her blossoming magic powers to defeat the witch and burn her alive.  After that, she sends Hansel away to live off with the carvers. We also see that Gretel allows her power to fully manifest, but she doesn’t want to be like the witch and wants to use her powers for good.

But, things are never easy for someone who is filled with extraordinary powers, and the same happened with Gretel. When we saw her fingers getting black, which maybe suggests that things are going to be a bit messier, if the sequel for Hansel and Gretel happens, then the storyline can go in two ways. Either we would see how Gretel manages to become a good bearer of her powers and uses her magic to fight off evil forces, or she falls into the dark side and becomes worse than the witch.

It all depends on time.

Stay tuned!


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