Jio Planning to Launch Affordable 5G Smartphones in India Soon

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Reliance– Jio is a leading company in India led by Ambani. It had brought a revolution in India in the field of communication and the internet. Till now, the 4G network offered by Jio is highly accepted in the whole country. It has over crores of subscribers in India. Now the company is planning something amazing as a gift for Indians this Christmas. The leader of 4G networks in India plans to launch 5G smartphones.

The thing about which one can celebrate is the cost of these 5G smartphones. It will cost less than Rs. 5,000. On top of that, sources even are saying that prices will further go down to Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,500. Yes, you heard it right. Isn’t it a gift?

Reliance Jio To Launch 5G Smartphone In Rs 2500 To 3000
Image: Business Khabar

The sources also claimed that this statement is made by none other than the company itself. The company’s primary goal, for now, is to target a large population. There are still around 200-300 million phone users who use a 2G connection and Jio wants to upgrade that. It is memorable how Jio became the first telecom to launch 4G mobile phones in India. And the company did this act for free to its customers by paying a refundable amount of Rs 1,500 for a Jio Phone.

Mukesh Ambani’s Earlier Statement For Jio :

Mukesh Ambani, managing director of Jio and India’s richest man, had announced earlier that he wants to make India ‘2G-Mukt’ country. ‘2G-Mukt’ means he has a mission to make India 2G-free. He emphasized how important it is to accelerate the migration of 350 million Indians who are still on 2G featured phones. Most of them are lower-middle-class people and thus Jio has this gift for them. They can have an option to buy an affordable smartphone with the support of the new 5G era.

Mukesh Ambani had also announced that Google had invested Rs 33,737 crore. This is for a 7.7 percent stake in the Jio platform. He also announced that Jio would partner with Google, the US giant. This partnership is to build an Android-based smartphone operating system for this 5G smartphones.

Jio phone 3 | Camera 📸 45MP | 5G | 6GB RAM | Price - ₹1500 | BOOK NOW,  First look and Unboxing. - YouTube
Image: YouTube

Above this all, this is for sure(from many reports) that the company is working on its own 5G network equipment. Reliance-Jio has asked the Department of Telecom to allocate its spectrum for testing its network. This is to be done before it starts exporting the new products related to the wireless network. This is quite a big step for the company.

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