Elon Musk On The Right Way To Launch Cheaper Internet With Starlink

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Parth Dubey
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SpaceX(Space Exploration Technologies Corp.) is an American manufacturer of aerospace and space transportation. Elon Musk is the founder of this company and he has come up with one new idea. Elon Musk’s SpaceX has launched 60 more Starlink satellites aboard Falcon 9 rocket. This is to be deployed in low-Earth orbit, bringing the constellation to 788. This is because the company gears up for something for people. It is getting ready for a public beta of the affordable satellite broadband service.

Elon Musk: SpaceX Falcon Heavy costs $150 million at most
Image: CNBC.com

More Details On Elon Musk And Starlink:

The 13th Starlink launch was finished successfully this Sunday. The launch held from Launch Complex 39A(LC-39A) which is located at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The Elon Musk-led company made a statement recently. It said “As our Starlink network is still in its early stages, the Starlink team continues to test the system. It will continue collecting latency data and woking hard on performing speed tests of the service.”

SpaceX said in the report that its team recently has installed Starlink terminals on the Administrative Center building. It also has installed terminals at 20 private homes on Hoh Tribe Reservation. These homes are located in a remote area of western Washington State. This step is to avoid any public interference.

SpaceX has recently presented FCC(Federal Communications Commission) Starlink internet performance tests. This was to show that it was capable of 102 Mbps to 103 Mbps download speeds, 40.5Mbps to 42Mbps upload speeds. It had a latency of 18 milliseconds to 19 milliseconds.

Elon Musk earlier this month tweeted about it. He wrote posted in his tweet that, “Once these satellites reach their target position, we will be able to roll out a fairly wide public beta in the northern US and hopefully southern Canada.”

“As soon as we receive regulatory approval, other countries to follow “. He further added.

The experts are expecting that there could be a gigabit-speed to be offered by the company. This means there is a chance of getting 1Gbps internet speeds, with fairly low latency. This latency could be about 25 ms according to their expectations.

Starlink is also planning to provide these internet services for around $80 every month to its users. This is priced at par if not lower than similar speed broadband plans in most countries, including India.

SpaceX aims to launch 70 missions a year from Florida's Space Coast by 2023  | Space
Image: Space.com

Starlink satellite orbit around the Earth at an altitude of around 500 km. This is far closer than conventional traditional satellite broadband services. This is another great achievement of Elon Musk and SpaceX.

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