OA Season 3: Will it be back on Netflix?

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For people who are curious about what the OA stands for, let me make it clear that it stands for the Original Angel. The OA is American science fiction, a suspense web drama series. This supernatural fantasy show is the original Netflix and streamed on Netflix. This mystery series was produced by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. The OA’s thrill and action series has two seasons.

The season premiered on December 16, 2016. It consists of 8 episodes. The first portion of the OA begins with Brit Marling as a young lady, Prairie Johnson, who re-emerges after seven years of missing. The little girl was blind when she went missing, but now she can see. Prairie Johnson plans to set out on a mission to save the people who were held captive with her. Season one of the OA ended with the shooting of the botched graduate.

The second season of the series was announced on March 22, 2019. It contains 8 series, too. The second season has further twists and turns part one. Season 2 is taking place in the news dimension. And it finishes in a new dimension of Hap and Prairie. In this new dimension, the actors in the film set are texting.

Fans liked the series, and now they’re waiting for Part Three.

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Release date

There is news all over the internet that part three of the OA is cancelled by Netflix. The revival of the series was cancelled by Netflix on 5 August 2019. This is heartbreaking news to the fans. Yet they’re all hoping for a miracle and some good news. No official date for the start of season 3 of the OA is released. The producers of this fun drama are preparing to make five seasons of the programme. So, there’s always some hope for the fans.


If season three is coming back, we’re likely to see the main characters. Let’s see who’s in the third run:

  • Brit Marling as Prairie Johnson (the OA)
  • Emory Cohen as Homer Roberts.
  • Alice Krige as Nancy Johnson
  • Scott Wilson as Abel Johnson
  • Phyllis Smith as Betty Broderick-Allen
  • Patrick Gibson as Steve Winchell
  • Brendan Meyer as Jesse Mills

Many more are more likely to be coming back. Fresh faces will also come in for season three.


The plot of the show revolves around a young blind woman who goes missing. After seven years, she returns suddenly. Now she can see, and she has a peculiar scar on her spine. She names herself an “Aa” and declines to tell anyone where she’s been for so many years. She shares this information to a few locals who are four high school boys and a coach. Then she set up a plan to save the other captives who were with her.

Netflix hasn’t announced the third season yet, so we don’t know the third part storey.

The programme is enjoyed and appreciated by the viewers. But right now, this is the only information we’ve got. More details about the OA will be posted.

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