DAC System For Delivery Of LPG Cylinders From 1st November. Know All The Details.

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Snata Priyadarshini
Snata Priyadarshini
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Starting from 1st November 2020, consumers will have to submit a one-time password which is commonly known as OTP for the home delivery of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders. This OTP-based delivery process will act as a different level of security for users booking the cylinders.

Here Is Everything To Know About The Changes In The Home Delivery System Of LPG Cylinders

  1. Oil companies will be implementing the Delivery Authentication Code or the DAC system from 1st November 2020 for home delivery of gas cylinders.

2.  As per several media reports, this move by the government is aiming to prevent theft.         It will also ensure the home delivery of cylinders to the right customers.

3.  Under the DAC system of delivery, OTP will be sent to the customer’s registered mobile number once there is a booking of a gas cylinder.

4.  The delivery of LPG cylinders will not be complete unless and until the OTP is shared with the delivery executive.

5.  However, this OTP-based delivery system will not apply to commercial cylinders.

6.  If the customer’s mobile number is not updated, the delivery executive will update it in real-time. Following the update, the code will be generated.

It will be better if the customers keep crucial details, such as mobile number, and address, ready before the DAC process comes into practice. This is to ensure the smooth delivery of LPG cylinders. The DAC process for home delivery of gas cylinders will first be rolling out across 100 smart cities. The pilot project is already underway in the city of Jaipur.

Booking A LPG Is Much And Safer Easier Nowadays

Previously, booking an LPG gas cylinder was a long and tedious process. Earlier, the only way to book a cylinder was by visiting the LPG dealership in person. And there will be an anxious wait as a cylinder would be dispatched based on its availability. Many times LPG cylinders went missing or did not reach the recipients. All these worries are now a thing of the past. In present times, the three national LPG suppliers that are HP Gas, Bharat Gas, and Indane Gas, have made their services more consumer-friendly and transparent.

There are also several advantages to switching to LPG at home. Some states are arming themselves with grants from the state and central government to help with this transition to LPG. Some states are identifying houses with no LPG and offering them connections, stoves, and the first cylinder for free. The government has even announced various subsidies for specific income groups.

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