Money Heist Season 5: All updates!

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Money Heist, also known as La Casa de Papal, may have another movie, but Netflix has not yet made an official announcement.

Season 4 just went down on April 3rd, so you could be in for a wait.

Also with the coronavirus pandemic shutting down a number of TV productions, this could mean that season 5 is a long way off.

We’re going to keep you updated here for any new stuff.

What happened in Money Heist season 4?

Season 4 was followed by a series of cliffhangers at the conclusion of the third season-Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) was thought dead and the Professor was attempting to save Nairobi.

Tokyo and Rio were busy fightings off a military tank, and their lives were left in the balance.

Fans were relieved to see that Lisbon was alive in season four-and after that there was an intense rescue plan that saw Lisbon break out of confinement.

She was rescued by a tunnel the gang had dug to the court’s parking lot and was then sent back to the Bank of Spain.

‘Money Heist’ fans think Rio will die

Miguel Herrán actively shares images on social media with his castmates at La Casa de Papel. One of his October Instagram posts shows him in a signature red jumpsuit set like Rio, but it’s the title that some fans are worried about: “Es mejor que morirse. I think, “which means,” It’s better than dying, I think.

Herrán unknowingly made the fans believe he was written off. One user said, “If you were killed, I’m not watching the series,” and another viewer decided that they would feel bad if they killed Rio.

Another asked if he had a spoiler for his comment. There were also lots of weeping emojis and people voicing sorrow at the prospect of Rio dying. Still, some of them aren’t so quick to jump on board the theory.

Nairobi to return in Season 5?

There is a reason that Money Heist is called ‘La casa de Papel’ in Spanish, which means ‘The House of Paper.’ Everything is so vulnerable that you never know when the plan, the relationship, or any of the members of the team would fall.

The same thing happened in the Money Heist Season 4 Episode 6. One of the most beloved characters, Nairobi, played by Alba Flores, was shot dead by Gandia, played by Mario de la Rosa.

Fans were angry and sad at her death and the way she was killed in the show, mercilessly and cold-bloodedly. There are, however, possibilities that Nairobi may not be dead and may return to Netflix’s Money Heist Season 5.

Alba Flores, everyone’s favorite, left a great impact on the show. During the first three seasons, her character remained one of the most important moving parts of the story. In Season 2, as Nairobi took over Heist from Berlin, she poured new energy into the show.

However, even after Season 3 has survived, after being shot in her chest, the creators seem to want her dead. However, in Netflix’s Money Heist, Nairobi may not be permanently dead. And Alba Flores has confirmed this possibility.

“I wouldn’t have been surprised. The Casa de Papel has done that with several characters, such as Oslo, who did not speak but appeared in the last season. It would therefore not be strange, “she explained to Fotogramas while revealing whether there was a possibility of Na.

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