22% NRIs Plan To Vote President Donald Trump, While Half Of The NRIs Approve of Indian PM Narendra Modi’s Performance.

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Days ahead of the 3rd November 2020 US election, a survey has found that while almost half of Indian Americans approve of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s performance, 68 percent plan to vote for Joe Biden and 22 percent for Trump. The survey is by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Pennsylvania. It released on Wednesday, 14th October 2020. The survey found that Indian Americans voting for incumbent Trump have a much more favorable view of Modi.

Indian Americans have traditionally voted for the Democratic Party for a long time. Almost 93 percent of the NRIs voted for Barack Obama back in 2008. But ever since then the Democrats have been incrementally losing the community’s votes to the Republicans in all elections.

Almost half of the Indian Americans participating in the survey approve of PM Narendra Modi’s performance. While 32 percent disapprove of the same. Trump supporters have a higher opinion of Modi. People not supporting Trump are divided on their views on the Indian prime minister. Those who disapprove of Trump are split among Modi, with roughly 40 percent approving and 40 percent disapproving of him.

Indian Americans have become a huge deal in the upcoming election in a way that very few could have ever imagined. The specter of Modi coming to power in 2014 created some real impact within the Indian American community. And one of those is the way Indian Americans view the Prime Minister. But to what extent are the NRIs going to vote on the basis of India is very skeptical at the moment.

22% NRIs Plan To Vote For President Donald Trump

The conduct of the survey was in September this year on a representative sample of 1200 Indian Americans, concludes that contrary to the emerging narrative, Indian Americans favor the Democratic Party to the Republican Party. The favoritism is greater than a two-to-one margin. The community’s support for Biden is higher than that of Hispanic voters and close to that of African American voters.

The survey found out that while US-India relations were a top priority for only three percent of those who were in the survey group. Half of the people said a candidate’s position on India will be very important or somewhat important to their vote. Almost half of the NRIs also said that vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris’s pick also makes them more likely to vote in the election.

While 67 percent of Democratic Indian Americans oppose Trump’s Muslim ban, only 28 percent of Republicans do. The only topic on which Democratic and Republican Indian Americans voice equality is university admissions. Almost half of both groups oppose affirmative action in higher education.

Two other prominent characteristics split the Indian American voting patterns. They are the time spent in the US and region. All those who are residing in the US for 10 or fewer years, out of them only 28 percent plan to vote for Trump. Similarly, those residing in the Midwest and plan to vote for Trump are at 27 percent. While those in the South plan to vote for Trump are at 24 percent.

Even among the Indian Americans who call themselves Republicans, only 44 percent strongly approve of Trump. Economy, racism, and healthcare were also the most important issues for Indian Americans.

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