MacGyver Season 5: When Will The Crime Fighter Series Return?

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MacGyver is a superhero-type action crime-fighter series that made its debut in the year 2016. It was an instant hit and fans loved it. The show is the creation of Peter M. Lenkov. This show revolves around Angus “Mac” MacGyver played by Lucas Till. He is an undercover agent who is a crime fighter and seeks to fight off criminals using engineering methods rather than brute force. The series is a remake of the ABC series with the same name that was the creation of Lee David Zlotoff. This ABC series came out between the years 1985 to 1992. But, now the fans are waiting for MacGyver Season 5. The series actually received good reviews from critics. 

MacGyver's Levy Tran Promoted to Series Regular for Season 4
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More About MacGyver Season 5:

MacGyver Season 1 came on CBS on 23rd September 2016. As of the latest, the series concluded the fourth season on May 8, 2020. With this, the news of the fourth season too came in May itself. The series is coming for a fifth run and fans are anxious. We don’t know what the fifth season will bring but, we are surely waiting. So, what will happen in MacGyver Season 5?
As for now, there are no specifications for the new season. No official statements about the plot have come out. What will happen in MacGyver Season 5. An interesting fact about the series is that the series is set in the same universe as Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum P.I. The three shows together are called the “Lenko-verse” as they are the creation of Lenkov. The lead character of the show is Lucas Till. He plays the role of Angus MacGyver. The other characters and actors in the series are :
* George Eads who plays Jack Dalton and is Angus’s partner in the field and their partnership goes back to the army days. But, the difference between them is that Jack isn’t afraid to use guns but, Mac is.
* Sandrine Holt who plays Patricia Thorton is another great character of the show. But, she starred in only season 1. She was the Initial Director of Field Operations at the Phoenix Foundation. In Mac’s words, she is the most successful clandestine operative in U.S. history. She is portrayed as a series person who always goes by the book.
* Tristin Mays who plays Riley Davis, is a talented hacker who is hired by the Phoenix organization.
* Justin Hires who plays Wilt Bozer is the best friend Mac had since childhood. He is able to create masks that have great details and works at Phoenix.

Prime Video: MacGyver - Season 4
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