Noragami Season 3: The New Season Details

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Noragami is a Japanese manga series that is the creation of Adachitoka. The manga also has a series adaptation and the first season runs for a total of 12 episodes. Noragami Season 2 runs for a total of 13 episodes. The first season came between the months of January to March 2014. The second season made its debut between October 2015 to December 2015. The anime series was appreciated by the critics. The show comes under the direction of Kotaro Tamura. The characterization of the anime is done by Toshihiro Kawamoto. It is an excellent anime in the supernatural genre but, there is a pinch of comedy too.

Noragami season 3: Renewal status, release date and storyline! – HITC
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More About Noragami Season 3 : 

If there are no further seasons for the show, we won’t get to know if Yato gets his millions of worshippers in order to get his grand shrine. In order to understand how the story goes, one has to read the manga. But, there are chances that as the Bones studio did a perfect job in establishing the anime. There is no official announcement regarding the show and we do not have any information regarding the new season. But, it would not be feasible to not release a Noragami Season 3.

The series is rich in material, popularity, and also, the response of the critics are very good. The manga is also present and hence, there is a lot of source material for the new season of the show. News of Noragami Season 3 would probably come soon and all we have to do wait. As the manga is still going with the latest volume 21 getting its release on October 17, 2019. So, there is a chance that the series is coming as the manga is yet to be covered.

Has Demon-Centric Shonen Series 'Noragami' Ended Yet?
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There is much anime out there and this one is one of the most famous. Noragami Season 2 came out in 2015 and since then, there is no news of the show. The next volume of the manga is coming in the month of November this year. So, with the release of the manga, we can expect that the anime too will return. Noragami narrates the story of one Hiyori Iki, who is a middle school student. This person gets involved in a car crash in order to save a stranger. This incident causes her soul to slip out of her body. Her soul then travels to another world where other human souls along with demons reside.

It could be that Noragami Season 3 comes soon but, we will have to wait for now.

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