Pakistan NSA- We Are Ready to Talk to India Provided Kashmiris Included

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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Pakistan is preparing to sit down to have a meet with regional rival India. Pakistan came close to India last year to an all-out military conflict. It said we are ready if Kashmiris are there in the talk. Pakistan’s national security advisor recently told this. Moeed Yusuf had a talk with Indian journalist Karan Thapar during a wide-ranging interview. The interview was on Tuesday. He said, “We have gotten messages about the desire for conversation from India.”

No message sent: India on Pak NSA's claim of New Delhi reaching out to  Islamabad
Image: DNA India

Pakistan-Kashmir Dispute and Wars :

Yusuf is the one who advises Imran Khan, Pakistan Prime Minister on National security.

“We have to think logically and strategically. These are two countries, have terrible relations, we need to sit and talk like adults.” He stated, “There are basically two issues: Terrorism and Kashmir. I want to talk about both of these.”
Yusuf also blamed India for sponsoring armed groups. These groups carry out attacks on Pakistan.

He said Pakistan had particular evidence connecting India’s intelligence services to the 2014 massacre of more than 130 pupils in Peshawar. He also blamed India for the 2018 attack on a Chinese consulate in Karachi, a 2019 attack on a luxury hotel in southern Pakistan. He said India is the recent merger of several Pakistani Taliban factions into a single group. The Pakistan NSA said there was a strong need for a talk. It is necessary to make Kashmir disputes and issues of “terrorism” as the agenda for future talks. He said, “There are three parties to the Kashmir dispute: Pakistan, India, and the principal party- Kashmiris.”

If Kashmiris are not ready to face India, are not ready to be in the same room with India, then how can we have a dialogue? He, however, didn’t specify which group he meant specifically when he called for the “Kashmiris’ to be in the talk. Two out of three wars between India and Pakistan are over the disputed Kashmir. Both claimed it in full, but administer over separate sections divided by Line of Control(LOC).

Last year, another war was about to happen, after India air struck on Pakistani soil. The action of India was due to the killing of 40+ security personnel in a suicide attack. This attack was in Indian- administered Kashmir’s Pulwama town. India blamed attacks on Pakistan-based armed groups.

Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir: The Future Trajectory - Indian Defence Review
Image: Indian Defence Review

India’s Reaction on the Meet :

The government of India didn’t offer any official comment. However, there was a recent comment of a top Indian official that Yusuf’s claims are ‘fictitious’.



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