World War Z New Update Out Now, Includes Playstation Crossplay

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World War Z, Saber Interactive’s zombie-centric game, has a new update out on 22nd July. That adds a newly playable class called the drone master. But the more important news is that the update also allows full crossplay across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

It has launched in a bit of a barebones state, but since then, World War Z has developed quite a touch. The developer Saber Interactive’s robust roadmap of free content for all of its players. The latest free update titled Dronemaster involves crossplay support between all of its platforms. This is important because World War Z, a somewhat rough homage to the slightly rough Left 4 Dead series, it will be enjoyable when shared with friends in multiplayer.

The undead pack now more prominent than ever before:

World War Z
World War Z

While Xbox One and PC players have been able to crossplay, PlayStation players have been typically late to join in on the action. But as of this new update, players across all platforms can team up to take on World War Z PvE and challenging Horde Z modes. Hopefully, this will help the WWZ community thrive for years to come.

Primary Focus of update:

The foremost Focus of the update lies in its new class, the Dronemaster. The Dronemaster uses help drones to both shooting zombies directly or supports your team with a variety of buffs.

The update also adds the new ACW-20, which looks like a bullpup assault rifle but is a low caliber, semi-automatic grenade launcher. This is a rare trick, and it does a number on clustered zekes – although being a grenade launches. It’s great to be careful of friendly fire when using it.

World War Z
World War Z

There’s also a new piece of paid DLC out today, the Signature Weapons Pack. It includes the Season Pass and GOTY edition of the game and has four unique weapon skins to assist players in staying stylish amid the hordes of undead.

World War Z is undoubtedly one of the greatest zombie games on PC. It is available now on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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