China Amid Standoff- India has illegally set up Ladakh Union Territory

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China reacted sharply recently. After the Defence Minister of India, Rajnath Singh, opened 44 new bridges in border areas. China said it “does not recognize the Ladakh Union Territory illegally set up by India.” It says it opposes infrastructure in the area. China Foreign ministry’s spokesperson Zhao Lijian also reacted to the series of bridges inaugurated in India. Series has eight bridges in Ladakh and eight in Arunanchal Pradesh. He stated these buildings in Ladakh as “the root cause for tension between the two sides.” He said both countries should not take actions that might increase tensions.

India, China Take Their Confrontation From Ladakh To Myanmar
Image: Eurasian Times

China On Ladakh and India :

He added that he wants to clear that China doesn’t recognize the Ladakh Union Territory set up by India. “We stand against the development of infrastructure at military contention along the border area,” He said,

“According to me, neither should do things along the border that might escalate the tension. Both should avoid disgrace the efforts made by the two to ease down this situation.” He said,

He added the Indian side “ramping up infrastructure development along the border and stepping up military deployment is the root cause for the tensions between the two sides”.

“We request India to earnestly implement the consensus and avoid the actions that might increase the tension. Take strong and concrete methods to safeguard tranquility and peace along the border.” Zhao said. Officials said that the new bridges will allow faster movement of troops. And also help weapons to be moved closer to the border area. The news got popularity when senior military officials of India and China met. The meeting was on Monday at Chuskul in Ladakh for the seventeenth time to keep the peace after recent confrontations. Reports say that the meeting lasted for 11 plus hours and ended at about 11:30 pm.

India Vs China: A comparison of economic growth | Economy News | Zee News
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The joint statements had no mention of the stand of China after the meeting. Both sides said that they agreed to maintain communication through the military. Also through diplomatic channels, they would maintain dialogue. They said they will soon arrive at a mutually agreeable solution for disengagement. They are against any action turning into disputes, and will together safeguard peace.

Since May, Indian and Chinese troops are locked in a face-off in eastern Ladakh. The tension went highest in June when there was a clash with China where 20 Indian soldiers got killed. Shots were there in the air more than once last month when the two armies came face to face at Pangong Tso.

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