Justice League Snyder Cut: What’s the buzz?

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Harsirat Kaur
Harsirat Kaur
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Justice League Snyder Cut, commonly known as Snyder Cut, is the upcoming director’s cut of the American superhero movie ‘Justice League.’ It will be the final film of the trilogy, others being ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Batman v Superman; Dawn of Justice.’ It is set to be released in 2021. The distributors are HBO Max. Due to difficulty in production and a personal tragedy in Snyder’s life, he stepped down during post-production, and Whedon took over as the director. As the details of the production of the Justice League surfaced on the internet, the public demanded that Snyder’s vision be turned into reality.

During ‘Spotlight on Jack Snyder’ at JusticeCon, the filmmaker revealed an original clip from the upcoming release. It shows Superman (Henry Cavill ) debuting in his black costume. The scene shows Superman rising from the dead and meeting Alfred Pennyworth. “I’m assuming you’re Alfred,” says Superman while flying down, and Alfred replies by nodding. Dan Jurgens, a comic book writer, took to Twitter to express his approval stating that the clip of Superman in black suit is “absolutely awesome.” Some fans loved the new look, while some compared to the classic look.

snyder's cut superman in black costume
DC Men

Snyder wants to nail this movie and wants to overpower Whedon’s “Justice League.” He wants to finish what he started, but with a bang.

It is also speculated that the movie will have ‘Darkseid,” a fictional supervillain published by DC Comics. Ray Porter will portray his character through voice and motion capture. During the Justice Con panel, he says that Darkseid doesn’t see himself as the villain. He thinks what he’s doing is right, just like any other villain. It is guaranteed that the character is going to be daunting and petrifying. During the Justice Con, it also came out that no scene from the “Justice League” will be used. Snyder wants only to involve frames that he’s photographed himself.

darkseid in Snyder's Cut
Art by J.G.Jones

The teaser shows Wonder Woman going back to her homeland. The images show the ruin caused by the ancient invasion of Darkseid, which nearly doomed the entire world. However, there is also one thing that caught the audience’s eyes, and that is, a spear like-weapon held by Darkseid, and that is an exciting thing to consider because Darkseid is ultra-powerful. Why does he need a weapon? That’ll be left to be unveiled when the movie will be out.

This movie is something new and exciting, exactly what the public wanted from Snyder. The cast is compelling, the script is well-written and well-executed, the hero is better than ever, and the villain tops it all. It’s a complete package.


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